Celebrity Crushes

A friend of mine posted about her celebrity crushes today. I was going to comment on her post about mine then said to myself… you know what? I am just going to write my own post so that I can put in pictures! This post might not be as well written as her, but, I am going to give it a shot.

So, when it comes to celebrities I tend to go for personality. Now, this doesn’t always mean their own personality because these are actors and I don’t tend to dig into their personal lives. Because of this I don’t always know what they are like in real life. The two of the three I chose for their real life personalities as well as the characters they have played. The other has just played the type of character repeatedly that I find attractive. LOL

First on the list is Keanu Reeves. He is a fantastic actor and has played many roles that to this day are beloved by fans. Neo and Ted being my favorites among them. In real life this man is very generous and humble. He lives as he wants others to do though he doesn’t preach it either. He is the very example of what I tell people about sometimes which is Leading by Example. He rides public transit, is kind to fans, doesn’t go out of his way to start drama, and ultimately treats people as he would like to be treated. He is one of those uber quiet people that I would love to have a conversation with and to me that makes him sexy.

Claudia Black is a great actress. I developed my crush for her watching Farscape where she played Aeryn Sun. The character she played was a beautiful badass that grew to have a very deep well of emotion. The character development was awesome to watch. Then she played another badass in the last few seasons of Stargate SG-1 by the name of Vala. See, I have a thing for loving badass women in the shows and movies I watch. ;-P

Marina Sirtis is absolutely fab! Yes, I have a crush on her character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, BUT, the actress has captured my attention by having a fantastic personality. I watch her convention panels on YouTube and she is hilarious! She has that semi-raunchy British sense of humor and despite being in the states for a long time she still has her accent. She also doesn’t let the fans walk all over her during the panels and talks however she likes unapologetically.

So there are three of my crushes though just like a lot of people I could have named more. LOL 😛

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