Being Smart vs Being Educated – Rant August 4th, 2020

Today I want to talk about the big difference between being educated and being smart. A lot of people seem to think that they go hand in hand, but, I will tell you now from having experience in dealing with college people of all ages and backgrounds that this is far from the truth of it.

What set me off on this topic is that I went to watch a video from one of the YouTubers that I used to follow, I unsubscribed from them today, proceeded to say that because they are college educated and on their way to law school with a 4.0 GPA it made them more knowledgeable than the people that were commenting in their last video and that if people wanted to listen to those that never went to college and there for weren’t educated that they could go ahead and do so but that it would be stupid.

I ranted at my television and immediately unsubscribed from that arrogant asshat.

Just because you go to college and pass your courses doesn’t mean you are smart or even that you know what you are talking about. Just because you are going to law school doesn’t mean shit. The way schooling is done in order to pass classes and get degrees is literally memorization. You have to learn certain things in a certain way in order to regurgitate the facts, figures, and dates back on paper to the teacher. It doesn’t take much other than dedication to do this.

I’ve literally helped hundreds of college students take exams. I knew someone that had an A+ Certification for Computers that didn’t know to try a different keyboard to troubleshoot an issue before replacing the motherboard!

I am tired of people that go to college and get pieces of paper telling me that because I haven’t that it makes me stupid. My normal response to their arrogance is to tell them my IQ number and my SAT scores BEFORE I took and passed Algebra. They usually get all embarrassed and back off after that. Just in case you are curious I’ve been told by my mother that my IQ was 156 when I was tested as a child in the ’80s. I also got 900+ on my SAT in the summer between Junior and Senior years of high school. This was in 1997 so the number would be different now since they recalibrated stuff.

I am smart, but, it is the type of smart that doesn’t do well in most classroom settings. The proof of this is that my GPA was barely a B when I graduated high school. I never wanted to go to college because most of the things that I was interested in were either things I could do without it or things I was advised not to get into by professionals in the field. Law Enforcement and Anthropology to be exact on those advised against.

To a lot of educated people this makes them assume that I am dumb because society has decided to tell people that they HAVE to go to college to achieve anything. This is bullshit. A lot of the inventions we have today were conceived by people with only an elementary education. Admittedly the more scientific ones had educated people behind them but not all of them. It is just like people that judge someone because they work a job like mechanic, a/c repair, etc. and assume that they are stupid and that is why they do ‘Manual Labor’. They never take the time to look into it. A lot of hands on jobs are hurting for people to fill positions and they pay a lot too most of the time. It’s stupid and shows not only a lack in intelligence but a lack of class on their parts to think that.

I am going to close this up since my rant has lost steam as I let loose on here with a link or two and some pictures I found on the internet that I liked that fit in with what I have been saying. It just frustrates me so much to see and hear that much arrogance over something so dumb.


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