Had a Busy Busy Day

So, I just wanted to put this out here because I made a commitment to write everyday, I started this before midnight… though it was a rant on something that I deleted because it didn’t make any sense because I am tired.

I had a busy day. I had to go get my HRT, then grocery shopping, then a short three hour break before I went to therapy. I just started with a new therapist but so far she is pretty awesome and we are still learning how each other work.

I hope everyone had a good Thursday and has an awesome Friday. I will be posting again tomorrow/later today by the time this posts.

Dilectio lucernam in vita, et non odit fiat caecum ad bonitatem aliorum.

Forgive if it is rough. I put it through Google Translate. It should read…

Let love be the guiding light in your life and let not hate blind you to the goodness of others.

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