Multi-verse Series by EricIzMine – A Review

First let me say that I am sorry that I forgot to post this last night. I spent the entire day in an exhausted fog. Which is frustrating all around for me since it made it so I felt like I didn’t want to do anything. I barely finished my challenges on Fallout 76 before I found myself laying in bed reading because it was just too much to stay sitting up in my chair. Anyway, on to my review!

I have never read any of the Southern Vampire Mystery novels. I had never heard of Sookie Stackhouse until HBO decided to make a television series based on them. I did think about trying to read them until I heard that some of the characters weren’t like they are in the show. In fact my favorite man isn’t even in the series at all! He is dead when it starts from what I have heard. Yes, I am talking about Lafayette. Mmm-mm! He is the kind of man that I could have some fun with.

I also love Godric and that character isn’t Eric’s Maker nor is he even a very big character in the books at all. I liked the show right up until they introduced Lilith and the Authority. I decided to stop watching it then though I do own the whole thing on DVD. I always believed that Sookie and Eric should have gotten together. Despite his flirting and sneaky ways he seemed to genuinely care about Sookie and her free will while Bill seemed to want to keep her in a box like a limited edition doll.

Because of this I started reading various fanfiction where Sookie and Eric end up together. My favorite series of stories is written by EricIzMine. The series is simply called Multi-verse Series. Each story is a tale of True Blood that is a mix of novels and show. They are also all vastly different from each other. In one Eric hired Adele Stackhouse as his day person and ends up accidently helping Sookie harness her power earlier so she becomes a powerhouse in the vampire world under an assumed name. In another she was put in an asylum and ended up learning to use her shields so well that she plain forgot she was a telepath! The stories, the detail, and the over all writing is spectacular!

I read the series from beginning to end at least once a year and have even backed them up offline so that I don’t lose them. The only unfortunate thing about the series is that some of the stories aren’t finished. This is because the author passed away. The beta editors didn’t want to mess with perfection, rightly so, and left them as they were. It doesn’t take away from the series in anyway however because the more important ones are all finished and those that aren’t you can still see where it was going to go if you have enough imagination.

The link is below. If you are a True Blood fan, A Southern Vampire Mysteries fan and you always wanted Eric and Sookie to be together go give the series a shot. I doubt you will regret it. Most everyone that I have advised do so has loved it! Oh, and just in case you don’t realize. The whole series is on the front page that should come up. You will see a book cover that says Intrepid as the first one. Read them from left to right then down to the next row and so forth. That is the read order even though it was not the publish order. Have Fun!

Link: Multiverse Series by EricIzMine

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