Potter’s Protector Series by mjimeyg

Today I am going to talk about a Harry Potter crossover story series that starts with Potter’s Protector by mjimeyg. The series is on FanFiction.net. The major crossovers are BTVS, Marvel, and Smallville.

In Potter’s Protector Xander Harris is brought into the Harry Potter universe in order to protect and teach Harry. The hope was also that he would warp the prophecy like he had in the BTVS universe. He succeeds in that and much, much, more. I don’t want to give too much away on the plot because it really is a must read to appreciate how awesome it is.

The author is a recluse though so please don’t try to bug them too much other than to compliment the stories in the comments if you like.

This is a Godlike Harry with a multi-person relationship. There are mentions of Harry/Hermione in the first story but it is not the focus of the series as a whole. In my opinion the story series really takes off and becomes wildly entertaining by the third story in the series, but, in order to understand things that are talked about you really must read the whole thing from the start at least for the first time through.

This is another story series that I read at least once a year and recommend to any one that wants something mostly light hearted and entertaining to read. There are also concepts in the story that translate to real life quite a bit.

Story Order:

Potter’s Protector


Death’s Little Brother

Full Circle

The next couple of days are going to be recommended stories from this same author. They really are prolific and the ones that I am going to suggest are awesome to read.

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