Heat waves

I really, really, dislike heat waves especially because of where I live both my location and the home I live in. I live in Sacramento, California. This is in the Central Valley. So… generally this time of year the temperature is in the nineties and I can kind of handle that, but, for the next week it is going to be in the hundreds. We are talking normal Arizona temperatures here. Today it got to 109. The forecast says it’s going to be even hotter than that for the next three days! I already have issues with being heat sensitive. I get heat stroke very easy and in fact will get headaches as my warning that I am getting too hot. Today in order to stave off the headache that I could feel coming on as the heat climbed I started putting a wet flour cloth towel over my head, neck and upper shoulders. Just about every hour to hour and one half I have to get u p and resoak the towel.

This heat means that I can’t play video games at all. My computer sits in the 30c range as it is most of the time. When it gets this hot the living room gets horrid and the computer sits in the low 40c ranges. This means playing anything makes it so that my computer starts to throttle almost right away because even though my CPU has an all in one system on it my GPU does not.

Why does it get that hot? I live in a big metal box with an older A/C unit and little to no insulation. A 1978 single wide mobile home that has seen better days. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that I have a home when so many don’t in California. I am not taking that for granted at all. I just wish I could be cooler with lower energy bills.

I enter into Publisher’s Clearing House everyday for anything that is a weekly pay out or 1 mil and above. When I do I find myself dreaming of a day when I can be in a nicer place in Washington or Oregon. I have my eye on Olympia, Lake Goodwin, Forks, Redmond, Bend, basically anywhere that is semi small or tiny. I don’t want to live somewhere big like Seattle or god forbid Portland. My views on life wouldn’t be welcome there and they are just too big to me. Heat waves for them is hitting the mid to lower nineties. I could so deal with that compared to what I deal with normally here. Though you would probably hear me bitching about the super cold instead every year since I’ve never lived in snow country and only visited it for a day or two in my life. LOL.

I know! Two posts today… but like I said in the post. No video games and I felt like bitching. 😛

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