What’s a Gungan? By: mjimeyg

Just like most kids that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s I love Star Wars. I could care less for anything than the original trilogy however. There was/is blatant disregard for established storylines, the fictional science behind the Force was retconned, and they boiled Anakin Skywalker down to a bratty child that turned into an bratty emo young adult that literally caused his own misery, but, somehow we are supposed to still have sympathy for him because you know… he was manipulated by the dark side? *scof* Please. I wish Lucas had just stuck to the books he authorized originally as canon instead of trying to reboot the franchise before selling it off to Disney. Don’t even get me started with the Disney stuff. Walt would be livid to see what his company has become. Moving on….

The story today is a Harry Potter crossover with Star Wars if you hadn’t already guessed by the rant above. LOL. I starts with episode one and then severely diverts from there. It’s great though! Jar Jar is killed right off and Anakin is put in is place right quick for his attitude problem. It is a fix it fiction with Harry has the focus and semi-accidently overpowered hero.

Check it out. I am currently re-reading it myself. This will the last of the stories by mjimeyg that I talk about for now and it is the most current one that they have posted. They wait to post until they have completely written a story before they start putting it online so it might be weeks to months before a new one comes up, but, the wait is well worth it to me.

Link: What’s a Gungan? By: mjimeyg

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