Zevia – Review

I love to drink diet soda and I am super picky when it comes to taste. I’ve tried a lot of different brands over the years. So, when I heard about Zevia I decided to try it.

First is the price. Personally I think that the cost of the soda is too steep. It seems to be price targeted towards the people that can afford to shop at places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. You can sometimes find it cheaper but generally it is about a dollar a can. Then again I think that the main brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi charge too much too most of the time.

The taste is… unique. I got the cola because that is what we drink the most in my house. It barely tastes like cola. The Stevia Leaf extract overpowers the rest of the flavors and makes it taste like overly sweet carbonated water with a hint of cola in the aftertaste. Over all the soda is not for me and truthfully seems way too sweet to me. This is coming from someone that drinks diet Pepsi when I can afford it which is way sweeter than a lot of diet cola brands.

I will stick to my diet Shasta cola for now. I can get it for a dollar per 2.5 liter bottle at my local Dollar Tree. I am glad that I tried the Zevia and I will help finish the six pack so that it isn’t wasted but just totally not for me.

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