Quitting Fallout 76 on PC

Despite the fact that I put in a lot of hard work to finish the Captain Cosmos themed season I am quitting Fallout 76 on PC and will try to continue playing on PS4. My reasons for this are super simple. The PC version that I bought through Steam is unstable and the customer support isn’t helpful at all. I admit that I thought it was me too. Especially when Comcast discovered that our old modem was dying. However, the new modem is installed and I decided to use an ethernet cable instead of wifi to help make sure I had a steady signal to play on. The game is still laggy, having pop in issues, invisible enemies, and more. Nothing has changed in my PC hardware or software. I tested my internet and I am getting 17-18 Mbps with less than 20 ms in latency. On top of that I wasn’t having as many of these issues a month or two ago. I will be missing out on some of the BOS stuff from the Atlas Event as well but I will just have to suck it up. It isn’t anything that I can’t live without and doesn’t really change my game play at all. It’s all just cosmetics.

It is ridiculous that since my Bethesda account it linked to my Steam and my Playstation accounts that I can’t have the things that I have unlocked universally accessible. I mean Minecraft does it for crying out loud. I have my Microsoft account linked for PC and Playstation versions. Anything I buy for the game on PC can be used on PS4 and the opposite is true for PS4 to PC. The only thing I can think of that has made it so that this isn’t true for Bethesda titles, not just Fallout 76, is greed. If you like a certain thing in Skyrim that you got from the Creation Club on PC then you have to spend more money to get it again on any of the other platforms that you have the game. They could point fingers at Sony Playstation I guess but since I know of at least one title I own personally that can do it they would be lying in my opinion.

The more issues that I have with Fallout 76 and the more I am forced to look at the practices that Bethesda is pulling with even their single player titles the less hyped I am for their upcoming releases. I’ve even put off buying Doom Eternal because of it. The last game I bought of theirs was Rage 2 and the game while decent wasn’t great and when I got to the end it felt anticlimactic.

It’s pretty sad that the game developers whose first Fallout title got me into gaming to begin with is now losing my interest in supporting their future projects because the bigger they get as a company the less it seems that they care about quality or the gamers that made them a household name. It’s turned into a quest for more and more money. If the parent company wants more money they should go back to diversifying the markets they are a part of instead of pushing crap onto the people that actually pay for their products.

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