General Update – September 2nd, 2020

Okay, things have been going on behind the scenes in my life that I would like to share. Nothing that seems super personal to me since I would tell people if they ask anyway.

I recently went and had x-rays done on my full spine from tip of base of my skull to the end of the ladder as it were. I also had ones done of my hips. They found that the natural curve in my neck is almost if not completely gone. I also have bone spurs in my neck and upper back. The ones in my upper back are starting to bridge (fuse). There is also compression in my neck, upper back, and of course lower back. The lower back isn’t surprising as I am a big guy and most fat people have compression in their lower back. The L5 disc in my lower back has fused or is fusing on the left side to another bone that I forget the name of. They also found degradation all over my spine and hips. I am not worried for about things since I am on my way to losing weight and putting on muscle which will help support the bones better as well as lessen the compression in my lower back. The degradation is most likely a combination of age (I am 40 after all), weight, cancer treatments, and the lack of hormones that I have had before the beginning of the year.

I spent a year during the cancer treatments without hormones. Chemo on top of early rapid menopause. It was fantastic. *rolls eyes* Then I had to fight repeatedly to get my hormone shots and stay on them steadily. Then for all of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 I was back to no hormones at all because my insurance and doctor at the time kept dicking me around. Once I was on disability and given Medicare I switched to a new clinic and have been steady with my hormones since.

The more I am seen and we dive into the aches, pains, etc. that I have been having the more I learn that I am not fit enough to be working. Heck, even as much as I have typed now has started my hands to hurt a little. It is annoying, but, my shrink is helping me work through that.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!

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