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I’ve been thinking a lot tonight about making a petition to submit to Bethesda. I know that it might not do anything, however, it also will show how much it means to the Bethesda gaming community if I get a lot of signatures on it.

The petition would be asking them to make it so that anything that is bought or earned in a Bethesda title is shared across any platform that is connected to the players account. It has been proven by Mojang with Minecraft that a company can be successful and make money with in-game transactions even with this kind of thing in place.

It would make a lot of people happy and be a great PR move for the company if they implemented it. I bet that more people would be inclined to spend money in the Atomic Shop and Creation Club if they only had to buy things once to access it on all the other platforms. It’s not like people don’t buy multiple copies of the games. I am in the process of getting every single title I own on PS4 through Steam if I can and sometimes I even buy the same games I have on PC for PS4 so that I have physical copies of them.

Anyone else think this petition is a good idea? How would you get the word out about it? Is there one out there already or one that was already done?

2 thoughts on “Been thinking… – Gaming

  1. No idea what it is, but I think it’s a smart idea in general. You should be able to build upon your collection like an expansion pack instead of needing new items each time, otherwise why buy something? I definitely wouldn’t have bought as much in SL otherwise! Just wanted to add my two cents that I think you’re onto a smart idea. 🙂


    1. Okay, it’s like with Just Dance or any other game really where you buy a new song or a new clothing item. The time is linked to your gamer account. With Mojang they have it so that you can link your Microsoft account to the game. This makes it so that they could have you link that account to any other platform you have the game on. So when I get a Switch again in the future and I get Minecraft all I have to do is link the Microsoft account to the game and I have access to texture pack, etc. that I bought through the Minecraft marketplace.

      I want to get Bethesda’s attention and try to have them do the same but with our accounts. I know for a fact that items we buy are linked to it, but, the current system they have in place also tracks which platform the items are linked to and keep them separate instead of unifying the system so that like Mojang you only have to buy it once as long as you are logged into your account. The system that they currently use is greedy as hell because it makes it so that you either have to not use items you are used to having in-game that you earned or paid for OR you have to repay for them again. For earned items, you have to double or more the amount of time spent in-game on multiple platforms in order to earn them again on each one. So the next season I have to spend two to six hours per platform to do the challenges so that I have access to the items earned in the season on both PC and PS4.


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