What I want for my future

So this is going to be part day dream and part reality. I will get the down to earth stuff done first.

I would like to go to my local community college and learn how to 3D model, Animation, and texturing so that I can make my own short films, in game merch for Second Life, and ideas for toys and/or collectables. The goal is to have something to do and maybe a small income stream to help pay for my hobbies like video games and computer parts. If I do very well I will expand that to helping me get a condo somewhere outside of California where I could afford to live even on limited income.

That is the realistic goals one. Here comes the fun one.

I’d like to win Publishers Clearing House so that I can move out of California to somewhere like Colorado Springs in a condo. I would like to get an AMC Rambler American as my daily driver. I want to get a computer from Cyberpower that would kick ass and take names for the next five years or so with a hybrid all in one gpu and cpu setup. Even though it isn’t very privacy savvy I’d like to setup my condo so that everything can be done through voice commands if I want to. it’s the Star Trek geek in me.

Anyway, I know this wasn’t very long or detailed. I am having a late dinner after having to put off plans to get a haircut due to the battery in my car dying. Thank goodness my Aunt was able to come run me over to Walmart to get a new one and that my hernia was fixed so that I was able to safely do the switch out myself.

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