How I meditate

There is a lot out there about meditation and how you’re supposed to clear your mind, breathe in and out, and finally relax your body. Most people find it almost impossible to clear their minds and keep them clear. Because I am one of those people I have changed it to something else. See the goal of mediation is to relax you and have your mind focus away from things outside your mind.

So, I use my imagination. I usually do different stories or a what if on my life. Not a regrets type of thing but more of a if I was born in the right body from the start but knew about my old life, etc. Doing this makes me think of finite details. The point of this way of doing it is to take something that you love to think about or do that isn’t linked to something stressful or going on in your current events. I sometimes also think about the decor that my future home might have. I go room to room and focus on color scheme, furniture, etc.

I hope that this concept helps other people. I use it the most in getting myself to sleep since I have an issue in getting myself to calm down.

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