Physical Therapy and Physical Fitness

I started physical therapy about a month ago for a pinched nerve in my hip. It’s not painful but it has caused the feeling in my foot and part of my leg to deaden to where I barely feel anything at all. Then I had the hernia fix recovery added to that AND the cancer recovery therapy. See, the physical therapy is helping me not only with all of my various issues when it comes to my hip, back, etc. it is also helping me lose weight and gain my muscles back. I had a lot of muscle mass under the fat that I carried around. Going through cancer treatments and then having the hernia made it so that I had lost most all of it.

It is amazing to see the fat coming off, currently it is most noticeable on my back, and to see the muscles in my legs and arms come back. I hope that I will be able to continue to see the physical therapist until I am slimmed down enough to qualify for top surgery.

I wish that in some cases like mine where I am considered morbidly obese that health coverage in general would pay for a medically trained personal trainer. This would cost less than the bypass surgery and would help teach long term workout programs as well as healthier habits. Even though I am morbidly obese I am not diabetic, no heart issues, etc. It is actually funny to see the face doctors make when they assume I am pre-diabetic or full diabetic. I’m not even close. I’ve been prodded at by doctors to go do the bypass surgery to drop my weight. I want to do it the hard way. If I earn it by doing it the hard way I am less likely to gain the weight back. Numerous medical studies have proven this to be true and I have a few people in my family that prove it as well. It would just be easier on me to have a personal trainer that I could see two to three times a week for an hour.

I really don’t understand how the local and state governments can push a healthier lifestyle through public campaigns but then financially support the easy way to lose weight while not supporting the longer lasting cheaper way. Bypass surgery costs at least mid five figures on just the surgery, this doesn’t include hospital stays, follow ups, any complications that could happen, etc. Medical fitness trainers would cost maybe 10k a year that is at $50 an hour, three days a week. That means to equal costs of the surgery it would take 5 years. Most people by that point would be at their goal weight if they followed the fitness routines with proper eating habits.

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