California Wildfires and Climate Change – Opinion

I’ve lived in California my entire life. In fact I have lived in the same city in California my entire life. I have watched as the policies of liberals have turned into a burning pile of crap. A bunch of environmentalists convinced the government that the way we were doing forest husbandry to limit the spread of fire was wrong. We used to cut down dead and dying trees, clear out underbrush, and do controlled burns so that there were gaps to help stop fires from spreading fast. When I was a kid this made it so that even though there were still wildfires that they were easier and faster to contain. On top of that a lot of the fires that people are pointing at as examples of “Climate Change” were started by HUMANS either by accident or by arson!

We need to stop this fatalistic religion that is Climate Change. I am all for lower pollution and finding ways to recycle better because it is better for humans as well as the Earth. The way they are pushing it however is crazy. It has been proven that most of the technology that is in use right now to supposedly help save the planet isn’t actually doing much of that at all. Solar panels being made causes just as much waste as other items that are made, they aren’t efficient unless continuously cleaned and have to be replaced fairly often for multiple reasons, they also have to use expensive batteries to store power for low sun days or nighttime. The batteries as far as I know are just as bad for the Earth as normal car batteries and have to be replaced about every five to six years most of the time. Oh, and because of the efficiency issues they can’t be used as the only power for most houses let alone cities. Wind has some of the same issues and the huge turbines kill birds. Hybrid and all electric cars eat electricity and are dangerous in accidents for civilians as well as first responders Hybrids are a little less on the eating energy than the all in ones, but, aren’t any less dangerous. I’ve had a mechanic also tell me that hybrids and electrics are dangerous for them to even work on depending on the job they’re doing.

It’s crazy. A lot of countries are buying into this crap and are taxing, restricting, etc. in order to supposedly save the planet, but, at the same time India and China especially are putting out tons of pollution which undoes most of the good that is supposedly being done. Meanwhile, people are panicking about this because of all this “proof” that is coming up like the ice caps melting and more fires every year, but, they don’t take into account man made fires, the fact that things from World Wars is being found in the ice as it is melting, that polar bears aren’t going extinct, etc. If we are finding things in the ice that are from our recent history then obviously the ice has been lower before.

In California people voted for things to be put into place that is making it more expensive to live here and then have started to complain because their jobs can’t pay the rent. How about you stop voting for people and things to feel good about yourself and start using your more logical side? Making solar mandatory for all new homes built has made it so that the prices for the homes is out of most working families price ranges. Limiting how many apartment complexes, duplexes, etc. per single family homes is also contributing to the housing crisis. But…but…but… Climate Change we have to do these things to save our planet.

You know what? Talk to any geologist and they will tell you that the Earth is still changing, expanding, retracting, shifting, what have you. It is slow and subtle for the most part. People are worried over sand bars disappearing… not because the seas and oceans are actually rising but because the sand is being washed away… that is NATURAL! The creatures that live on them will migrate or die off because that is the cycle of fucking LIFE! The Earth would become unsustainable to humans sooner than it would a lot of other species before we would die and it would start a new cycle. There is life in the super deep oceans that we have never really seen and haven’t affected at all. It has been shown that even in the most polluted parts of the ocean there is still life happening there. Most of it is too small to the naked eye to be seen but it is there. Humans themselves are individual planets to a lot of life forms ourselves, bacteria, protozoa, etc. Even if mankind were to kill themselves off we wouldn’t take the planet with us, it would be changed and the life that evolved after would most likely not look anything like Humans, but, it would eventually come.

For those that worship a God, Goddess, or what not out there. How arrogant of you to assume that we could completely destroy what they have built? You want to do these things to show respect? Cool beans, just know that they will continue to shift and change their creation. The only thing that you can control is you.

My point is that even if every single American, Canadian, etc. were to suddenly live like the Amish other countries would still be causing issues and I am sorry but we have been cleaning up our stuff for almost a century now and making new cleaner ways to do things as well. It will not happen overnight and without taking over the world we can’t stop everyone because there will always be an industrial revolution or such going on as other countries develop and evolve.

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