Cheap Burrito Recipe

Tonight I decided that I wanted to make burritos. Burritos aren’t really that hard, but, some people can make it so that there are so many expensive ingredients put into them that it’s crazy. My recipe is simple, low effort, semi-healthy, and most important cheap! There is enough to make about ten burritos maybe more depending on the size of tortilla and the amount of filling that you put in them.

1 packet of Taco Seasoning

1 can of Fat Free Refried Beans

1 can of Sliced Black Olives

2 small cans of Chicken Breast Meat

2 cups of Shredded Cheese

As many tortillas as you feel you need in Burrito size


Take the Beans, Olives, and Chicken and put them in a bowl. Mix them together thoroughly. Open the seasoning packet and shake a little on top then stir until you can’t see it anymore then repeat until the whole packet is mixed in. Pop the bowl into the microwave until hot, ours took 2 and one half minutes, then stir again. Get the tortillas in a stack. From there all you need to do is put a little of the filling on one end of the tortilla in a slight line add the cheese then roll them up. Make sure you tuck the sides in as you roll, this takes practice, so that you don’t have filling coming out all over.

Put the burritos on a plate and then pop them into the microwave for about a minute maybe two depending on the appliance so that the cheese will melt and the tortilla will be warm. Enjoy!

Any leftovers can be put into a container to be used the next day or even for your next meal depending on when you make the first batch!

The only thing that I would add that I didn’t have tonight to try and see if it made it even better is diced white onion.

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