It’s a GAME – Opinion

It’s a freaking game!

I see a lot of people out there complaining about the game economy and not making more caps, etc. in Fallout 76. It’s not like you can take those caps and exchange them to USD. It sums up to this for me… If you don’t find the game fun and the grind worthy of your time to get the things you want then move on to a different game!

It is so frustrating to watch the player vendors inflating the price of stuff that shouldn’t cost tons of caps. I actually saw someone selling a set of plans for more than the in-game vendors do! That is just plain GREED! What is worse is that it is greed over fictional money that doesn’t have any actual value!

People expecting Fallout 76 to be like Fallout 4, 3, New Vegas is crazy. Even though the assets came mostly from Fallout 4 the way the game works is way different. This is NOT a single player game with a fixed economy. Fallout 76 is an MMO! It might not be huge hordes of players on every server and require you to group up for most events but it is still designed in a way to encourage such game play. In fact the new Seasons system has daily challenges that make it so you have to group up even for a little bit, even if you aren’t actually questing together. Heck! Even without the needed challenges I still group up once in awhile in a Casual or Building group for the extra Charisma or Intelligence boosts they give because it helps with leveling or getting better gear. Which is the point of those boosts being part of the group mechanics. Its to make even people who want to play solo more likely to do groups because you don’t HAVE to do anything that the rest of the group is doing unless you want to.

This brings me to one of my other biggest complaints about some of the people who play this game. They keep comparing it to other MMOs as well! They make demands like auction houses, and Banks! This is not WOW! This is not ESO! The theme for this game is POST APOCALYPTIC WASTELAND! Most factions don’t trust each other… this close in time to when the bombs fell especially! Humans even in real life tend to look out for themselves even when they band together for survival! If you will take note of the in-game lore for Fallout 76 the uber rich elites that had no practical survival skills for the most part are the ones that ended up as RAIDERS and even then they splintered up and fought with each other as well as victimized those that were helping others like the Responders. I wouldn’t trust a Bank in a world that has organized Raiders in it even it was in Foundation! They get shit stolen from inside those walls DAILY. It’s a freaking quest to go out and get their items back from the Raiders who steal it! As for auction houses all that does is make the in-game economy just as bad as it already is because people decide that they need fake currency to make their lives meaningful. There are people out there in the game already charging so much that you can’t even carry it on one character. They have characters that are literally just mules for caps and items that they want to sell. They spend all their time getting fake shit to sell instead of actually enjoying the game!

I’m sorry but if the game has gotten to that point for you? Take a break and play something else. This isn’t Second Life where you can convert in-game currency to real money. This small business that you have in game? It doesn’t mean dick. If you are one of those that are selling items on eBay or something like that for real cash or someone who buys their items? You are part of the problem with the gaming industry and what you are doing should be illegal to do since you are selling or buying things that don’t actually belong to you as they are intellectual property of Bethesda.

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