Fallout 76 – Update 22

Okay, I spent almost all day playing Fallout 76 on both PS4 and PC. This is because not only was today Update 22 it is also the start of Season 2. I want to complete the season on both so that I don’t lose access to all the stuff I earn. This means at least four to six hours of Fallout 76 a day. Had I thought about it I would have done it with the first season as well as all of the Fortifying Atlas event. You live, You learn. The game on PC is behaving much better. I just reinstalled it last night so that I could do the update in time to be able to do the first day of the season. I don’t know if something was fixed in the background with the update or if the install had become corrupted last time.

So, Update 22 is a pretty big one. As I said above the new season has started with it, but, it also added Legendary Perks, One Wasteland, and Daily OPs. Legendary Perks are kind of awesome. There is the one called Ammo Factory that is fantastic to have if you are a Heavy Gunner build since it boosts how much ammo you get when you make it. You combine that with the normal Ammosmith perk card and you are going to get some serious amounts of ammo for a much lower materials cost per batch. I also like the card that gives Survival Syringes. They heal, fill up your food and water, and you get them for just being in game for x amount of minutes per syringe. You are limited on how many you can have at a time, but, as you rank up the card the stack you can horde increases as well. Ranking up the cards will be slow but so far from what I can see the benefits for the perks make them worth it. What’s great is that all those players who are in the 100’s or more are going to be able to do a rank or two for the ones they pick right off the bat because all you have to do is scrap normal tier perk cards you aren’t using or won’t ever use. At the 100+ level you have pretty much fine tuned your build and know which cards you are going to need and which ones are just fodder for scrapping.

Daily OPs are just repeatable dungeons with special requirements and enemy boosts. Like today you could only do the kill shot on enemies with melee. You could still use your guns to get them to low health but you had to either gun bash or quick swap to a melee weapon to finish them off. With a higher level character you can solo it, but, it is very much built for a group of players to do together just because of the amount of enemies that spawn. Plus the big bad at the end is ridiculous. In fact she is the only thing I have to bitch about with this mode. Assaultrons are already kind of overpowered. They have a head laser that is very much a death ray and then at close range they can hit HARD. I’ve had my ass handed to me at level 30 by a level 17 Assaultron before. The big bad for the Daily OP was an Assaultron that also had guns. They let the bot keep the head ray, though she didn’t fire as often with it, and then added almost continuous fire turrets on the damn thing. Even in power armor my highest level character died multiple times trying to take the bitch down to where I could melee hit her…. THEN I had to pray that I could run fast enough to get in close to bop her one so she would die. I got killed twice trying to do this because her gun turrets literally don’t stop shooting at you unless she can’t hit you at all. So fucked up. The only reason I even did the OP was because it is part of the challenges to earn SCORE points for the season for both Daily and Weekly. Despite One Wasteland they still set the Daily Op for today at level 50+ though you can do it in the high 30’s just expect to die A LOT and to run out of ammo, med-x. and stimpaks unless you have ungodly amounts.

One Wasteland – I had high expectations for this that weren’t met, but, at the same time it is better than before this came out. On one hand because there are now NO low level areas to go to you have to repair your armor, weapons, etc. more often than before and you go through healing items quicker than before the update since you run into same level or slightly higher enemies wherever you go. On the other hand if you are starting a new character from scratch you don’t have to worry about over leveled enemies and low level loot. I started a new character to see what it would be like and to help with one of the weekly challenges which asks you to level up three times. I found it much easier to get used to the new way things are done and to have equipment appropriate for my level than when I jumped in with my level 94 Heavy Gunner that has mismatched leveled loot, etc. This means that I will be beginning a new character on PS4 tomorrow and having to go through the Wastelanders storyline that I had literally just finished yesterday. I hadn’t hit level 50 yet so not as maddening as it could be to start over though it can be frustrating to have to buy the same plans for unique event decor items all over again. LOL

The new season is cool. The theme is Ace Armor and the Power Patrol. It’s like a Fallout 76 version of G.I. Joe. Though, they should have named Ace’s crew the Patriot Patrol since their job is to push back the commie red Subjugator! That’s just my opinion though. The theme is pretty cool and the stuff we earn for the most part is awesome. There is one that makes no sense to me… wood armor cosmetics? Really? I have never been able to craft wood armor. No one can craft it as far as I know. And, even if I could why the heck would you wear it? It is the most craptastic armor in the game. Most people in the game that I have seen wear either Power Armor, Combat Armor, or Marine Armor. The best protection in the game is Power Armor, but the next best is Marine Armor. Plus with the outfits most people can’t even see the armor anyway. Like my new character I just made. He is wearing a settler’s outfit and hat so everyone can see that, but, he also has his vault suit on and a full set of leather armor. For all intents and purposes though the vault suit and armor are invisible because of the outfit layering over top.

There are a few things that you can earn in the season that I am really looking forward to. There is a Foosball table as well as an Ace Armor arcade game. The big ones for me though are the wall and floor textures, the Brotherhood of Steel Field Station, and the Greenhouse set! I can’t wait to be able to build a proper greenhouse and to also have floor to ceiling windows in my house so that I can admire the awesome views I have off the side of a cliff. It’s all trees and mountains with a tiny cabin of Mothman Cultists in the near distance from the cliff. All you can see is the campfires they have if you know where to look. Gives that awesome nature vibe with a hint of civilization even if the cultists aren’t actually civil. LOL

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