My Dream Home List

So, I decided a long time ago not to have children because of the traps that are in my DNA. This means that potentially my family would consist of a pet and significant other. Because my family would be so small we wouldn’t really need a lot of space. If I end up being by myself, because I refuse to lower my standards on how I am treated, then that would be doubly true on the lack of need for space.

I’ve been looking around online. There are quite a few sites that sell house plans. For a price they give you a set, or more, of the plans and usually a list of all the materials you would need to build it along with amounts of each material. All you would need at that point is a housing construction company to come and build it.

Since I continuously hope and dream that I will win Publishers Clearing House someday or an inheritance I didn’t know about will come to roost as it were I have expanded my searches on RedFin to include land in the areas that I would want to live in. Here is a list of the top five small homes that I would love to build and live in. All of these plans come from Architectural Designs.

1- Plan 57164HA – Comfortable And Cozy Cottage House Plan

This home has a single bedroom and bathroom. It has a single car garage as you can see from the photo and is only 421 square feet. This would make it easy to care for and maintain. If you click on the photo you can go to the website to see the floorplan which is well thought out and keeps it casual as the living room is also the dining room/kitchen area.

2 – Plan 20155GA – Cozy Cottage with Large Covered Porch

This one is also a 1 bedroom/bathroom home with more of a country flair to the design. It can be built with or without the fireplace. It is only 514 square feet. Like number one the living room is also the kitchen/dining room. It is missing a garage but a detached one could be added next to it or a simple carport. What drew me to this one is that it reminds me of a craftsman home with the stone and covered porches in the front and back.

3 – Plan 52282WM – Tiny Cottage House Plan

This home is of a more modern look and has 550 square feet of space. With one bedroom/bathroom the extra space is used to give a little more separation to the kitchen and the living room. It also gives the space for a walk-in closet, and a walkthrough laundry room that could also be used as a small mudroom. Again there isn’t a garage but nothing stops me from adding a detached or simply a carport.

4 – Plan 67754MG – Cozy Tiny Home with Gabled Front Porch

This one is my second favorite in the list. It is entirely due to the quaint country style to the outside of the home. I see bigger homes that look like this one in the older parts of the city in my hometown. I always smile when I drive by them because of how cute they look. This home is 624 square feet with one bedroom/bathroom. This amount of space allows for a bigger mudroom area, a better division of space between the kitchen and living room as well as enough space to entertain a small group of friends without feeling cramped.

5 – Plan 69629AM – Tiny 2 Bed Modern House Plan

This is my favorite of the group. I love modern and mid-century modern home designs. I think it is the clean lines and the color palettes that usually go along with them. This is also the largest of the homes on this list at 780 square feet. It has two bedrooms and one Jack and Jill bathroom. For me I would turn the second bedroom into a small office/library. As you can see it has a carport built into the design already. It also has a built in dining table in the kitchen area. I would love to have a retro mid-century look to the interior design as much as I could.

So there you are. My dream homes, especially number 5, that I would build and live in if I had the money to do so. The bonus is that they are all so small that if I bought a large enough amount of land I could build a rental home neighborhood using the same blueprints just different colors on the outside. I would also have to make sure there was plenty of space for on street parking or a small visitor lot.

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