Greedfall – Review

Today I was able to finally get my hands on Greedfall. I borrowed it from my local library. I had heard good things about it from MrPattyPlays on YouTube.

I’m sorry but it sucks. The controls are all wonky, the camera is motion sickness inducing, and the game fucks up it’s own quests!

I was in the middle of a side quest trying to take a guy back to his cart when the game decided to go into a cut scene about the main quest. This caused me to fail in the escort side of the mission I was already on!

The development team decided to assign the buttons instead of the bumpers and triggers for attack and block/dodge which makes fighting very irritating especially when they add in special attacks that use the triggers/bumpers and assignment slots to the directional pad. This is counter intuitive to just about every role playing game in the current market.

The camera is horrid. It either does swing enough or it does it too fast. It isn’t completely centered on the main character so it makes having something for your eyes to focus on hard to do which make motion sickness a real issue for me.

I sure there are a lot of people that have and will enjoy this title but I am not one of them. I only played an hour and by the end I was starting to get nauseated, a mild headache, and then I rage quit when the game made me fail a mission because it had a trigger to activate a cutscene do to proximity instead of having the quest active and then being nearby instead so that it wouldn’t mess with what you were already doing. If they wanted you to go a certain way for the escort quest I was going then they should have had a golden line or a more obvious pathway for it instead of what was actually going on.

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