It has been an adventure

So, last month I decided to reinstall Windows 10 on my boot drive because it had been acting up a lot. I backed up my data, my bookmarks, but forgot to back up my passwords.

In the era of identity theft and rampant online paranoia to the point where a lot of people use VPNs even on their private networks. It is hell to get accounts recovered from Google. I thought that I was going to lose this blog, I had to start a new Walmart account, and I almost couldn’t get in to pay my car insurance. It was a complete nightmare.

Fair warning to all of you that read this blog. Even if you have 2 factor ID on your gmail accounts through your cell phone it is not enough to allow you to reset your password. Why the hell have it if that isn’t enough? *shakes head* Luckily, I tried an old password that I found in my offline journal for one of my back up email accounts that are linked to my main. It worked and I was saved!

Other than that life has been okay. I spent the last three weeks with sciatica, but, it is getting better quite rapidly compared to other times I’ve had it. I had to do an appeal hearing for federal disability because they want to kick me off since my cancer doesn’t seem to be recurring despite all the other issues both physically and mentally that I deal with that make it impossible for me to work a normal job. I did tell them at the end of the phone call that my goal is to go to the local community college as soon as the campus reopens and take certification courses in four disciplines. 3D Modeling, Animation, Texturing, and Business Illustration. My goal is to make my own online business where I make models for various online marketplaces, get 3D printers (normal and wood) so that I can make smaller items for sale on Etsy, and also peddle my wares on Second Life. I want to make high quality geeky/kawaii/gamer/sci fi clothing for men and décor items.

Second Life is actually a huge deal because if your business takes off and stays pretty up there you can make thousands a month. I could then take that in game money, reinvest in my business, as well as diversify into other areas like real estate, and monthly events to help expand and stabilize what I make on the game platform. I also would like to do world textures and avatar skins for Minecraft.

Doing this kind of money making business would allow me to set my own hours, work as slow or as quickly as I can with my physical and mental issues day to day will allow, and generally help keep my stress and anxiety low. I promised the guy on the phone that if I ever became wealthy enough to care for myself completely that I would ask them to take me off disability. It took months of therapy to work through the fact that I just can’t handle working the way I used to. I was raised that unless I was bleeding, dying, or so sick I couldn’t move without vomiting that I had to go to school or go to work. It’s hard to work through that kind of conditioning and except that you just can’t do that anymore.

The holidays were good. My mom liked her little gifts. I liked my little gifts. We had Chinese Food on the 24th and 25th which is the one tradition that we follow from one of the religions in the house. Though I do try to also stay mostly away from pork and shell fish as well. My one weakness on the pork front is Peking Pork. LOL

Anyway, I will start coming and writing on here again regularly soon. I have a few tv shows to write about, a new game or two, and some new stories to suggest so keep an eye out for those!

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