Call of Duty: Warzone – Rant

I play COD Warzone. I have never played any other COD game. I got into it because I made a friend on Twitch who plays it on stream but he is playing with randoms most of the time. I enjoy it though I find myself yelling at the screen more often than not.

There are various modes in the game Battle Royale, Plunder, and more. My favorite mode is Plunder. You and your team run around gathering money in order to get to 1 million first.

My rant is about the other players that do this mode. The point of the mode is to gather the most money. It isn’t to get the most kills though there are certain activities that do put forth pvp like bounty hunting, etc. I have repeatedly been put with randoms (I am grinding the season to 100 so I need to play A LOT.) that don’t understand this concept. They choose the top three locations that everyone drops to so that they can get sweaty and get the most kills. *face palm* You don’t get money for kills. Not everyone has money on them when they die so there is no point in just going around killing people. Now, if you are killing people while running around grabbing money from the various supply boxes and building that is one thing. But, staying in one place and waiting for people to come to you or going back to the same place you are being killed at repeatedly is just insanely stupid. You get the most XP by getting the most money, being in the top ten, being in the top five, or being first which nets you the most. Combat actually gets you the smallest amount of XP. I’ve gotten six or more kills in a round while not getting much money and ended up with less than 10k in experience.

Hey morons! Worry more about making money and less about measuring your cock with the amount of kills you get in PLUNDER MODE! You want to prove your manhood with the amount of kills you get? Play Battle Royale or Resurrection!

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