In need but don’t know what to do…

So, in order to stave off depression, anxiety, and to connect to the world I play video games as my main hobby. I also read, and watch movies/tv shows, but, gaming is my thing. Everyone I am friends with knows this about me. My issue is that I can’t upgrade my video card. I have the money for it. That isn’t the issue. Well, I have the money for the card if I avoid scalpers (resellers as they like to be called).

I have my eye on a RTX 3060ti or a general 3060. EVGA is the only company that I currently trust.

My current card is starting to not be able to keep up with some of my gaming titles and in some cases I have to put the settings down to the lowest they will go in order to not have my GPU get too hot especially in the summertime when my house is 80 f and up. I am running a GTX 970.

If I could throw money at the issue I would just buy a new PC, but, that isn’t an option for me unless I miraculously win Publisher’s Clearing House.

Demand is high but it has also been inflated because of scalp bots which is super frustrating. You want to make money? I get that, but, this is at the expense of other people who don’t have wads of cash to throw at shit.

I’d give in and just buy a PS5 except the lifecycle of consoles is worse than PC.

Sorry, I just needed to rant because this is the third or fourth month now that I have been waiting to get my chance to get a new video card and now my games are lagging and crap because of it.

Brightside, I have a roof over my head, food to eat in the house, and I am breathing. I also still have some games I can play with no issues, a PS4, a PS3, and lots of stuff to read/watch to choose from.

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