Review – Ben & Jerry’s TOPPED Thick Mint

I generally like Ben & Jerry’s. They make good products and don’t seem to cut corners on ingredients just to make an extra buck on the bottom line. My favorites are Mint Chocolate Cookie, Americone Dream, and Peanut Butter World.

While I was out at the grocery store I saw that the pints were on sale 2 for $6 which where I am is a great deal! So I decided to grab one of the new flavors TOPPED Thick Mint. I figured it would be like having Mint Chocolate Cookie but with a topping added.

I was completely wrong.

The topping is a thick almost fudge like chocolate ganache, which is just a fancy word for icing wish I had known that before writing this review, with hard little lumps, shaped like bon bon, of mint cookie in it. The ice cream, once you get to it, is the same mint ice cream that I love from them but instead of whole cookie chunks there are the hard little lumps once more with a too sweet cookie/chocolate ganache swirl.

Other than the mint ice cream the whole flavor was just too much. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone I know for a nice summer time treat and now find myself leery of trying any of the other TOPPED flavors.

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