Wtf is wrong with people?

I play PC games mostly through Steam. I follow the Discussion Boards of games I like to play to keep track of bugs and other issues. I am going to stop doing this because it isn’t good for my emotional or mental well being.

Someone posted about a game asking if the bugs were going to be fixed. I posted that they patch the game sometimes but that the game is kind of old and that the studio has moved on to new games. Someone came in and were correcting me telling me that I was completely wrong and that the devs are still patching and working out the bugs but that there hasn’t been a patch in awhile so the next one is going to be big. I responded back pointing out that I did say that the devs patched the game sometimes and then clarified on other things that I said in more detail. Like that the people patching the bugs are most likely a small team and not the whole studio, etc. I then asked politely that next time they read what I actually said in my post. Others thought that I was attacking that person and being arrogant or smarmy. Wtf?

So, I defended myself one last time and pointed out that nothing I said was wrong especially when I clarified myself and that I wasn’t attacking anyone with anything I said. I was being as factual, and polite as I could be while I defended myself and that they are reading too much into what I say. This is on them truthfully. Tone is hard to get through in the written word unless you use emote statements like in a novel. Maybe I should start trying that so that people don’t assume using my vocabulary and manners is me trying to be arrogant, smarmy, or high handed because it isn’t. It’s me treating people the way I would like to be treated which is the way I was raised.

I don’t know how the world became where anything is considered an attack even an opinion, but, can I get off this crazy train?

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