California Recall 2021

People in California have been trying to get a recall of Gavin Newsome on the ballot and they finally succeeded. It started well before the current situation with COVID-19, but, Governor Newsome’s actions since then have only fanned the flames of resentment towards his administration. It has only been in the last eight months that he has been seen doing something to help the state that he was elected to run. This is a tactic that a lot of politicians use because a lot of voters will remember the short term good things while the bad stuff tends to fade out.

Today I read an article (Click here to read it yourself) talking about how the recall election is unconstitutional because people who want him out get two votes while people who want him to stay get one? That logic is false. Voting to keep Governor Newsome is two votes in one. It is a vote to not recall him AND a vote showing you want to keep him as your choice in Governor. Adding him in as a candidate to replace himself is stupid. If he is recalled he is not allowed to be Governor anymore so any vote for him after that is voided since he wouldn’t be allowed to continue anyway. All this lawsuit is trying to do is gum up the vote and setup a stage for people to file legal action again IF he gets more votes than the person who is voted in to replace him. People aren’t thinking that the single ballot has two different actions on it.

First we get to vote on if Governor Newsome gets to keep his job. For those against the recall this is two votes in one as I mentioned above while it is one vote for those that want him out. THEN the second item on the ballot kicks in if the vote for recall is approved by the voters. Once that is determined the votes for the replacement become important. Don’t forget that there are candidates from all over the political spectrum on the ballot not just Republicans. If you like the Governor and don’t want him gone cool, but, in order to plan for the worst case scenario you should research and cast a vote for someone that fits what you want for California from within the list. If Governor Newsome is recalled he is being FIRED! Once someone has their employment terminated they can not continue to do the job no matter what! It is simple logic.

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