Life Update: 03-11-2022

A month or two back I decided to stop streaming. I wasn’t getting the numbers that I needed to be able to make money that way and truthfully with the setup I have to work with because of my physical issues I just don’t have the room or money to make it better in any way that it needs it. This has given me less stress since I don’t have to worry about entertaining anyone or remembering to start the stream on time when I have other things going on or I just don’t feel like it.

So, I’m going to be re-directing the energy that I was going to use on streaming towards getting my fitness levels where I want them to be… well… as close as I can get them to that level with the limitations I have. This month I am changing up how I eat so that I get more veggies without feeling like I am eating rabbit food. Changing at least one snack and one meal a day to a supplement. In this case Quest bars or the off name brand protein bars and either a chocolate flavored protein shake or Slim Fast made with cold water in a shaker. This way I am lowering my calorie intake quite a bit without feeling like I am starving to death. More veggies also means that my biggest meal of the day seems like a HUGE amount of food. Veggies are low calorie so you can eat tons more of them in a meal than anything else.

Example of my new routine so far. I wake up, take my blood sugar (today was 114), put 16 to 18 ounces of cold tap water into the shaker with one scoop of protein powder and shake vigorously, then sit down and check my email while I drink it. 2 to 3 hours later I can have a light lunch of either soup or a sandwich with turkey, tomato, lettuce, and cheese with a small amount of mayo. 2 – 3 hours after that I cook dinner. Tonight it is Chow Mein. Chicken, Mung Beans, Snow Peas, Carrot, Yellow Onion, Green Onion, Green Cabbage, a little bit of canola oil, and the Kikkoman Chow Mein seasoning mix. Then in another 2 – 3 hours I will have a Quest bar (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip). Before bed I’ll have a Pay Day bar.

The protein shake is 160 calories. The Quest bar is 200. The Pay Day bar is 260 (I think). Most of my calories for the day come from the sandwich (about 500 – 600) and dinner (never calculated it).

Since I started the routine I’ve been feeling a bit better over all and my blood sugars have settled back down from the 130s to 140s to where they need to be to be a tightly controlled diabetic without pills.

Next month I am heading over to a gym nearby to sign up for a membership. Planet Fitness. I’m hoping to get over there about 3 times a week. 2 times a week I will be lifting weights using the machines focusing mostly on my upper body and torso then once a week I will spend some time on either the Recumbent Bike or the Elliptical. When I sign up I am going to take advantage of their free fitness planning, their red light therapy booth, etc. From what a cousin of mine tells me red light therapy can help with recovery from exercise, age lines, and weight loss. She is a medical message therapist for a doctor’s office so their office uses red light therapy. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to use the message chairs or anything like that at the gym for the moment. They might have weight limits or something but I know that the red light is a booth that I can stand in.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me… well that I want to share with the public anyway. Hope you all are doing great even with all the crap going on around the world!

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