Review: Upload Season 1 & 2 (Spoilers for a couple of scenes in S2)

I started watching Upload late. As in just a month or so ago so I didn’t have to wait long for the second season at all. It is a really great show that has a formula that I love. They mix serious drama with a lot of comedy to make this actual entertainment without making people who watch it depressed or angry for too long. It also has a lot of different messages that people can take from it. They don’t pull punches from any social or political side and crack some crazy jokes that make me laugh in actual surprised laughter that rarely happens anymore with TV shows.

Season One really establishes the world that Nathan Brown and Nora live in as well as the other characters in it. The real world and the digital world both. There is some nudity, language, and such so I wouldn’t advise that anyone under at least sixteen watch the show unless their parents think they are mature enough. However, everything is within the context of the story and not really gratuitous. Though I have read some reviews where people were upset over the nudity and sex scenes which is silly because they give a warning and a rating for the show. The romance plot-line is great and really sucked me in. I’m a sucker for a good romance story where people take the time to learn and grow into their ultimate selves and end up completing each other in unexpected ways. If you like rom-coms, movies like Idiocracy, and light mysteries then this show has something for you.

Season two started out kind of slow for me and some of the plot lines grated on my nerves, but, as the new story arc unfolded in each episode I started understanding where they were headed. People in the reviews are screaming that the show has gone woke. I just think that they don’t understand the sarcastic comedy that the show is full of. A lot of the episodes this season were full of messages that I saw growing up about helping the little guy if you can, etc. Yes, they say a few things that could be grating on super uptight people but I think they are blowing it out of proportion.

Spoiler Starts Here:

The digital world that Nathan lives in starts offering digital babies. In one scene there is an advertisement saying that either partner can carry with a pregnant man in the ad. To me that was funny! Not because of the whole ‘trans-male’ pregnancy thing that is debated about in real life BUT because in digital worlds it is completely possible for that to happen! What made the scene even more of a comedic moment was that Nathan was basically told that when his water broke it would come out of his anus which anyone that knows about child birth would mean the baby would come out of there as well. The look on the characters face was amazingly hilarious and the fact that the doctor and Ingrid just acted like this was completely okay was funny as hell. In a digital world all of it would actually be possible. Heck, you could most likely ask to do the pregnancy and then skip labor and delivery altogether. Though in Lakeview that would most likely cost a fortune. LMAO! In another earlier scene when Ingrid gets a digital AI baby as a test case to see if she could be a good mother she asks if it is a boy and is told that it appears to be so but they will decide when they get older. While this is an uncomfortable thing for a lot of people to hear it is the truth for a portion of the population and in that scene the one line isn’t focused on and is actually just brushed over to the next part of dialogue and the start of the comedy. Even when the AI baby grows up it doesn’t do any trans anything. The kid grows up seemingly as a boy and even becomes a rude punk rocker in his teens. *rolls eyes* I again really think that people are being overly sensitive.

The new story arc can be read from a lot of different perspectives because it deals with an assumption by Nathan and Nora that a group of corrupt rich people are going to use free uploading as a way to rig presidential elections. People have to remember that things aren’t always as they appear in this show! For a long time it looked like Nathan was murder by his business partner when they weren’t, etc. Let the story unfold people and remind yourselves that all this is exaggerated COMEDY for the most part!

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