Product Review – Pepsi Nitro Brew and Vanilla

My mom saw an ad for a new Pepsi product last night called Nitro. After some research I discovered that it came in Brew and then Vanilla flavors. So, today I headed out to the closest location to hopefully have it in stock. This location was 6 miles away from my house. I picked up a single can of each along with a few other items so that it wasn’t a waste of gas since it is almost $6 a gallon where I am at the moment.

I put the cans into the refrigerator to get cold since they weren’t kept in a refrigerated case at the store. Just ten minutes ago, a few hours of being cooled, mom decided to try them. She opened the dark blue Brew can first and divided the 16 oz can into two smaller drinking glasses. We both took a couple of sips to get the full flavor on our tongues. It’s nasty! The after taste makes me think of flat Pepsi. It’s super sweet, we are a zero sugar soda house typically, and on top of that the carbonation isn’t that good. Reminds me of a half flat beer from tap at a bar. My mom didn’t like it either so instead of finishing it we poured it down the sink rinsed the can and the glasses before we opened the cream colored Vanilla can.

This flavor was just as nasty sweet as the other and not only that but the vanilla flavor is over powering! It’s like taking a couple of drops of imitation vanilla and putting them straight on your tongue! I took one sip and said Nope! before quickly handing the glass back to my mom. She didn’t like the flavor either. The sour aftertaste once the vanilla wore off in my mouth as I type this is going to make me brush my teeth as soon as I can.

I wouldn’t recommend either of these new flavors to anyone that I know!

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