Life Update – 06/25/2022

I’ve had some things happen both good and bad. One of my dogs died eleven days ago. So the household has been grieving. It was heart breaking to see our other dog looking in the yard for his brother or the first few times I came home from running errands he would look to see if his brother was with me. It’s getting better as the only cure for grief is time.

I’ve been sticking to my workouts with Beat Saber, but, I will no longer be streaming it or anything. I kept getting hit with DMCA violations by Twitch for allowing my channel to post the streams as videos on demand. It’s crazy and I did write them to call them out on their policy. The game is a music rhythm title. If I took the soundtrack out all the video would be is breathing and me bitching about my feet or the equipment while I hit the blocks. Which is stupid as games like Beat Saber being in videos when the person is playing them is considered Fair Use. Since I don’t want to deal with having to debate against a company that doesn’t want to fight against the music industry for their content creators, who are the ones that make them money, I just give up. It’s even more ridiculous when you take into account that I am not an affiliate. I make no money for my streams of videos. If they would stop putting advertising on my channels streams and videos then there wouldn’t be an issue at all. It’s their own greed that is causing the issue not me. There should be a policy that makes it so that if a channel isn’t to the point of being paid by them or others through the bit/sub system that they don’t put advertising on it. It’s not like the channel has any viewers to actually pull in ad revenue anyway because you have to have a certain standard to even get affiliate. 50 followers and 3 views each time you stream. I’ve never gotten to even 1 viewer each stream in any of the times I have actually tried to grind for affiliate and that is with help from other streamers in shouting me out!

Anyway, I’ve gotten to where I can do normal without walls on all the songs in the game and hard for some of them. I tried going Angel Voices on Expert and did okay until near the end. The blocks where just coming too fast and I couldn’t see the direction arrows at all so… yeah… fail. Starting next week I am going to be doing two workouts a day for 30 – 50 minutes each. Once I can do those and feel like I’m not really trying I’ll get the forearm weights to add intensity to it. I have to wait to add walls back in because my knee isn’t quite healed yet and I don’t know when it will be ready. I did test it today for a couple of songs and it’s not ready yet. I can’t get back up fast enough from the squat because of the slight pain and weakness. Once the pain is gone I can start pushing it to get the strength back up so that I can go up and down quicker. My back doesn’t like it, but, it can shut up. My back is going to always be a problem but I can’t let it stop me.

I don’t know if anyone that reads this know about the company ZOX or not. ZOX is a company that makes stretchy cloth bracelets. They are awesome. I learned about them because of the Depp v Heard trial. Mr. Depp was wearing one that someone pointed out on Twitter. I bought the same one though I don’t wear it. It’s on display in my geek stuff. Then I went during a BOGO sale and got another. This one is one of the thicker bracelets and on the inside it says “The One You Feed”. That phrase is from a Cherokee legend about the two wolves that battle inside of everyone. The dark and the light. The one you feed is the one that grows and wins. This is of course a simplification of the legend itself. Check the link if you want to read the full legend. I got the bracelet and it has turned into a motivating item for me. It’s part of why I’ve been so on point with my workouts. I am feeding the positive motivation in myself to get healthier. All of the images in the slideshow belong to ZOX. I just borrowed them to show off the bracelet.

Other than that I am just living life the best I can. Playing video games, reading, running errands, doing chores, that kind of thing. I hope everything is going well for everyone else. I fully believe that anyone can overcome anything as long as they try and keep trying. Everyday is a new chance to change something we don’t like about ourselves or about our circumstances.


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