Supernatural – Character Review/Impressions – Mary Winchester

Okay, I have been binge watching Supernatural from Season 1 forward for over a month now. I watched all the seasons before up to the last two. I just watched Season 12 Episode 3 “The Foundry” and felt the urge to vent about Mary Winchester.

Mrs. Winchester came from a hunter family. Generations of hunters raising hunters. She decided to rebel as a teen/young adult and wanted out of hunting. She met a dude (John Winchester) who she supposedly fell in love with. Then her parents are killed by a demon, the same demon she then makes a deal with just to get the supposed love of her life back starting the shit storm that ultimately happens to Sam and Dean. She never tells Mr. Winchester about hunting, demons, or the deal she made.

See here is the thing. If you truly love someone then you are also supposed to trust them with who you are, where you came from, etc. You don’t hide your past, your family history, or any demon deals that you made for their life. Mr. Winchester can be excused from that because he didn’t know that his father was a Men of Letters member since he disappeared before he was old enough to be told and then the chapter was killed off as well so no one would have come forward later to recruit him.

When Mary is returned to life as a reward to Dean and also Sam for convincing Amara (The Darkness) to turn away from hollow revenge and to give being a family with Chuck (God/The Light) another chance it was supposed to be a good thing. I understand that the new technology and such is jarring. But, Mary in the past always seemed like a smart girl. The kind of girl who would quickly catch on to things.

When she leaves the boys and the bunker at the end of the episode I want to scream at her. A mother doesn’t walk out on her sons. The fact that she makes it sound like she blames them for her issues then says that she loves them before leaving is such a bitch move. Leaving won’t help her get her head around the fact that she missed 33 years of her children’s lives! Asking them questions, letting them tell their life stories while all sat down drinking some beers or something would be better than just walking out like that! I also get the vibe that she is pissed at John for becoming a hunter and going after the demon while dragging the boys along. This shows that she didn’t really know her husband at all. Even I know that a Marine like John wouldn’t just let it go. Once a Marine always a Marine.

This base reaction to things taints her character for me. She is emotionally and mentally weak. I think she kinda always was. So unless something happens to her that makes her learn to be stronger she is going to always be a shitty mom to me.


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