Product Review – Pepsi Nitro Brew and Vanilla

My mom saw an ad for a new Pepsi product last night called Nitro. After some research I discovered that it came in Brew and then Vanilla flavors. So, today I headed out to the closest location to hopefully have it in stock. This location was 6 miles away from my house. I picked up a single can of each along with a few other items so that it wasn’t a waste of gas since it is almost $6 a gallon where I am at the moment.

I put the cans into the refrigerator to get cold since they weren’t kept in a refrigerated case at the store. Just ten minutes ago, a few hours of being cooled, mom decided to try them. She opened the dark blue Brew can first and divided the 16 oz can into two smaller drinking glasses. We both took a couple of sips to get the full flavor on our tongues. It’s nasty! The after taste makes me think of flat Pepsi. It’s super sweet, we are a zero sugar soda house typically, and on top of that the carbonation isn’t that good. Reminds me of a half flat beer from tap at a bar. My mom didn’t like it either so instead of finishing it we poured it down the sink rinsed the can and the glasses before we opened the cream colored Vanilla can.

This flavor was just as nasty sweet as the other and not only that but the vanilla flavor is over powering! It’s like taking a couple of drops of imitation vanilla and putting them straight on your tongue! I took one sip and said Nope! before quickly handing the glass back to my mom. She didn’t like the flavor either. The sour aftertaste once the vanilla wore off in my mouth as I type this is going to make me brush my teeth as soon as I can.

I wouldn’t recommend either of these new flavors to anyone that I know!

Independence Day – July 2020

I don’t know how I did it as a kid. I’ve been asthmatic my whole life, but, it seems to get worse the older I get. The loud noises are something that I can tune out but my breathing is severely affected by all the sulfur, smoke, and other crap in the air for days before and after the 4th of July. I even get sinusitis now until all the crap completely clears. Other asthma sufferers know what I am talking about when it comes to these complaints. I stepped out of the house for less than a minute to let the dog out. Now, my lungs are itching, and my throat is irritated just from the crap in the air. My mom and I will have to suffer in a house that will get warm over night because I can’t breathe if we open the house up until tomorrow night. That is only if the assholes stop setting fireworks off as much as they are doing tonight. If you have so many fireworks that you need DAYS to set them all off then you bought TOO MUCH!

It seems to get worse every year. I live in a valley so all the crap stays in the air longer than in other places where it isn’t in a earthen bowl. This year there have been people setting off fireworks for three weeks before today and I can only hope that they will stop by Monday so that the shit can clean out of the air. If they don’t and it can’t then I am going to have a fucked up week since Gavin ‘I’m a corrupt tyrant’ Newsome has made it mandatory to wear masks whenever you leave your house/car. I already have O2 drops normally just wearing the mask… so much so that my doctor has me pull it down while I am in his office so that I normalize while they take my vitals. Add that to all this? Yeah, my week is not looking up if people don’t respect the law. We already had a fire in town that was at 5 acres and under control last I checked. It was a grass fire. I had to go out two hours ago before everything really got bad out there air quality wise to wet down the yard, wooden fence, etc. so that we have some protection from bottle rockets and other illegal fireworks that people in our neighborhood like to use.

It might be a “Karen” opinion but if I were the local authorities I wouldn’t have allowed firework sales at all during the stay at home/lock down and then I would have had the cops fining anyone that set any off. Not only are we not supposed to be in groups during all this, not that I believe in the social distancing and stuff at this point, but the area has been under multiple RED FLAG WARNINGS… That means that our area is super dry due to the summer and low rainfall. This means that we are more likely to get wildfires and crap! Yet, there they were allowing the sale of legal fireworks and not seemingly cracking down on the illegal stuff either!

Time for me to ignore the booms and play a video game so I can try to relax.

Indepence Day used to be about celebrating this country and remembering the history of our great nation. Now it has been reduced to setting shit on fire just because we can. *facepalm*

Celebrity Crushes

A friend of mine posted about her celebrity crushes today. I was going to comment on her post about mine then said to myself… you know what? I am just going to write my own post so that I can put in pictures! This post might not be as well written as her, but, I am going to give it a shot.

So, when it comes to celebrities I tend to go for personality. Now, this doesn’t always mean their own personality because these are actors and I don’t tend to dig into their personal lives. Because of this I don’t always know what they are like in real life. The two of the three I chose for their real life personalities as well as the characters they have played. The other has just played the type of character repeatedly that I find attractive. LOL

First on the list is Keanu Reeves. He is a fantastic actor and has played many roles that to this day are beloved by fans. Neo and Ted being my favorites among them. In real life this man is very generous and humble. He lives as he wants others to do though he doesn’t preach it either. He is the very example of what I tell people about sometimes which is Leading by Example. He rides public transit, is kind to fans, doesn’t go out of his way to start drama, and ultimately treats people as he would like to be treated. He is one of those uber quiet people that I would love to have a conversation with and to me that makes him sexy.

Claudia Black is a great actress. I developed my crush for her watching Farscape where she played Aeryn Sun. The character she played was a beautiful badass that grew to have a very deep well of emotion. The character development was awesome to watch. Then she played another badass in the last few seasons of Stargate SG-1 by the name of Vala. See, I have a thing for loving badass women in the shows and movies I watch. ;-P

Marina Sirtis is absolutely fab! Yes, I have a crush on her character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, BUT, the actress has captured my attention by having a fantastic personality. I watch her convention panels on YouTube and she is hilarious! She has that semi-raunchy British sense of humor and despite being in the states for a long time she still has her accent. She also doesn’t let the fans walk all over her during the panels and talks however she likes unapologetically.

So there are three of my crushes though just like a lot of people I could have named more. LOL 😛

A Surprising and Huge Update

Georgia's Pampering

I am gobsmacked. Straight up, holy Scooby Snacks, you name it, shocked! It turns out that everything that happened in March, which caused this “massive progression”, was completely different than originally thought.

Back in early March it was believed that I contracted H1N1 with a very nasty and acute sinus infection following, which triggered a huge progression in my Fibromyalgia. Nope!

My awesome doctor started me on Tamiflu as a preventative the day I was exposed to H1. Yet I still presented with difficult flu symptoms, so it got chalked up to my immune system laughing at attempting preventative care. Since the week on Tamiflu, as of June 9th I finished my last pill in my fourth course of heavy duty antibiotics and still have the same weird symptoms that are like a sinus infection mixed with something weird. It turns out that the Tamiflu worked. While at the hospital…

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You Are Worth It

Georgia's Pampering

I think we could all use this message right now. In this time of fear, grief, depression, and isolation, most of us have had time to evaluate our lives, circumstances, and even self worth. Many are struggling with having had the time to stop and actually reflect, and we often end up with some dark thoughts. So please remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You always were.

I’ve spent my entire life seeking approval and recognition. I felt like a failure because I became disabled and usually can’t do things that garner acknowledgement and praise. I have had to leave my career and now end two business ventures.

I put a lot of work, time, creativity, and my precious little bit of energy into my bath and body business, and often my products never sold or were commented on, and it hurt. I felt like I had failed at another…

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May 12th Fibromyalgia and CFS Awareness Day

Georgia's Pampering

The Invisible Illness Awareness Day came this year while I’m having quite a struggle. If you feel inclined, please help spread awareness that there are invisible diseases that are barely understood and often disabling. The number one cause of death with most invisible diseases is suicide, because we seldom feel believed or understood, and we can become very broken when we lose the life that we knew.

In honor of spreading awareness, I’m going to be super vulnerable today and admit a few things. I am trying to accept that this is my new normal; although antibiotics got rid of the sinus infection, H1N1 combined with my Fibro to do a real number on my body. My level of illness has progressed again. In officially acknowledging this, I realize that I will have to make a decision on how to close out Georgia’s Pampering as a business. I’d like to…

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Two Out of Three Angels Isn’t Bad

Bre's Adventures

The other night found Luke and Bre back at the Ohm location, but this time during a helicopter extrication after rescuing an asset.  Although the third “Angel” was not available, Luke and Bre fought back the assailants long enough for the other team to secure the asset, and I had the chance to take a few photographs to document their tactical work, which would otherwise forever remain unknown.

Unfortunately the enemy had all ready attacked the local police department’s response team, but were able to get away safely as Luke and Bre dangled from the helicopter’s rope ladder, providing cover fire.  Near the end, Bre grew frustrated and retrieved her favorite weapon to make sure that the assailants would back off.

Synnergy Rics Angel Bento Pose_009

Synnergy Rics Angel Bento Pose_005

Synnergy Rics Angel Bento Pose_013

Synnergy Rics Angel Bento Pose_017


Luke: [WAZ] Integrated Tactical Shirt (Black), [WAZ] Integrated Tactical Pants (Black)

A&D *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U]

[SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body

Stealthic – Baron (Browns)

LeLUTKA Skyler…

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