What’s a Gungan? By: mjimeyg

Just like most kids that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s I love Star Wars. I could care less for anything than the original trilogy however. There was/is blatant disregard for established storylines, the fictional science behind the Force was retconned, and they boiled Anakin Skywalker down to a bratty child that turned into an bratty emo young adult that literally caused his own misery, but, somehow we are supposed to still have sympathy for him because you know… he was manipulated by the dark side? *scof* Please. I wish Lucas had just stuck to the books he authorized originally as canon instead of trying to reboot the franchise before selling it off to Disney. Don’t even get me started with the Disney stuff. Walt would be livid to see what his company has become. Moving on….

The story today is a Harry Potter crossover with Star Wars if you hadn’t already guessed by the rant above. LOL. I starts with episode one and then severely diverts from there. It’s great though! Jar Jar is killed right off and Anakin is put in is place right quick for his attitude problem. It is a fix it fiction with Harry has the focus and semi-accidently overpowered hero.

Check it out. I am currently re-reading it myself. This will the last of the stories by mjimeyg that I talk about for now and it is the most current one that they have posted. They wait to post until they have completely written a story before they start putting it online so it might be weeks to months before a new one comes up, but, the wait is well worth it to me.

Link: What’s a Gungan? By: mjimeyg

Pack by mjimeyg

This story is a Harry Potter crossover with Jurassic Park. It’s actually a little confusing if you haven’t seen the Jurassic Park movie or read the book in awhile because the character names are used but the descriptions aren’t very good because the author assumes that you know what they are supposed to look like. That is the only bad thing I can think of. Other than that the story is fantastic! It is of course a rewrite of the Jurassic Park storyline where Harry drops in and fixes it either on purpose or by accident.

Head on over to the link below and give it a read. It is a lot of fun!

Link: Pack by mjimeyg

Harry Five-0 by mjimeyg

This is going to be short. I have had a long day of PT and then mental therapy, plus the heat got into the 101-106 range depending on where I was in town or in Auburn. I don’t handle heat well and this is the first day of a week long heat wave. UGH!

I have never watched Hawaii Five-0. Not the older one nor the modern one. Though I do know the hottest guy from Varsity Blues plays a cop on the modern one. The reason that I am talking about this is because it is the major crossover for this Harry Potter fan fiction! This story also crosses with Lilo and Stitch, as well as with N.C.I.S. Los Angeles. Any other ones I didn’t recognize them to catch it.

The story is awesome. It has a lot of comedy in it! It also fixes a lot of what I assume are things that went wrong in Hawaii Five-0.

I would suggest reading it even if you haven’t watched any of the shows as it will walk you through things so you don’t feel lost at all!

Link: Harry Five-0 by mjimeyg

Harry Potter: Geth by mjimeyg

The story that I am talking about tonight is my favorite Mass Effect story ever!

Harry gets literally dropped into the Mass Effect universe, but, it’s actually the same universe! That’s right this is actually an alternate universe for both the Harry Potter AND the Mass Effect franchises! It could also be called a God Like Harry fix it fic, but, the fix it is for Mass Effect for the most part. The story has a great mix of comedy and action to it. I don’t want to give too much away on the plot because it is such a great read!

The story covers all three of the original Mass Effect titles and gives a happy ending that I think everyone will like. Though I loved the synthesis ending myself in the third game. *shrug* Go check it out if you love either of the franchises. I doubt you will be disappointed!

Link: Harry Potter: Geth by mjimeyg

Harry Brown by mjimeyg

Today’s story is a Harry Potter crossover with Mrs. Brown’s Boys. Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a UK television show that was first a radio show. I have never seen it or listened to it, but, after reading this story I really, really, want to.

The story is of course a what if type that places Harry in the home of Mrs. Brown and being raised by her. The family really protects him in typical raunchy Brit comedy fashion. I will warn you that if you don’t like the non politically correct type of British comedy ala Monty Python you will most likely not like this story or the show at all.

Link: Harry Brown by mjimeyg

P.S. Sorry this is so short. I had a very busy day as this was the first day of physical therapy and what little we did do today has wiped me out and now as of 10:15 pm I am getting a headache from being so tired. I also have to go to bed early as it is because I have an earlier than normal appointment for my HRT tomorrow. I hope that everyone out there is having a good week so far! Have fun reading!

Potter’s Protector Series by mjimeyg

Today I am going to talk about a Harry Potter crossover story series that starts with Potter’s Protector by mjimeyg. The series is on FanFiction.net. The major crossovers are BTVS, Marvel, and Smallville.

In Potter’s Protector Xander Harris is brought into the Harry Potter universe in order to protect and teach Harry. The hope was also that he would warp the prophecy like he had in the BTVS universe. He succeeds in that and much, much, more. I don’t want to give too much away on the plot because it really is a must read to appreciate how awesome it is.

The author is a recluse though so please don’t try to bug them too much other than to compliment the stories in the comments if you like.

This is a Godlike Harry with a multi-person relationship. There are mentions of Harry/Hermione in the first story but it is not the focus of the series as a whole. In my opinion the story series really takes off and becomes wildly entertaining by the third story in the series, but, in order to understand things that are talked about you really must read the whole thing from the start at least for the first time through.

This is another story series that I read at least once a year and recommend to any one that wants something mostly light hearted and entertaining to read. There are also concepts in the story that translate to real life quite a bit.

Story Order:

Potter’s Protector


Death’s Little Brother

Full Circle

The next couple of days are going to be recommended stories from this same author. They really are prolific and the ones that I am going to suggest are awesome to read.