Movie Review – He’s All That

Let me just say before I dig into the review for the film. I am old enough that I remember when “She’s All That” hit the theaters. I was just 19 years old when it released. So, This review is from the perspective of someone that saw the original and understood all the nostalgia that is hidden in the new one. If you haven’t seen it then I want to say… What is stopping you already?!

Okay, the movie starts out fairly shallow. There are also things that remind me of another great movie, “Some Kind of Wonderful” (1987), but they aren’t super relative to the story as a whole. I think I only noticed them because I am a huge nerd. This a typical setup actually and was done in the 80’s as well in a movie called, “Can’t Buy Me Love” (1987). Though there are differences of course. This movie is mainly a redo of “She’s All That”, hence the title, with the roles switched and the situations slightly different.

Now, the main character is a good person and is in fact a better person than the “popular jock dude” from the original right at the jump. I think we see this because of the change in focus character for the sequel. In the first one you mostly followed the “loser” Laney with groups scenes and one or two scenes with the jock dude. In this remake you are following the “popular influencer chick” with group scenes and a few “loser contrarian dude” mainly to setup the plot and to help close up the plot in the movie. This change up simplified the formula quite a bit, but, also made some of the plot seem much more shallow as they had to change the conflict for the most part though it is established that the guy dislikes the ex-boyfriend of the influencer chick because he is a dick. Instead of the bet and then the original girlfriend being an issue like in the first one. They had one of the influencer girl’s friends be a traitor who decides to run against her and also start dating her douche of an ex-boyfriend. This was obviously motivated by jealousy by that friend but that isn’t explored as much except for a couple of long shots during certain scenes. If they had wanted to follow the plot of the original then the friend should have still been a jealous bitch, but, gone after Tanner Buchanan’s character, etc.

Over all the movie is fun, funky, goofy, and corny. It is a high school romance movie after all. What really made the film for me, other than how truly hot Tanner Buchanan is, is that they got a couple of the veteran actors from the first one to be in the film. Rachael Leigh Cook plays the mother of the influencer while Matthew Lillard plays the principal of the high school, though Mr. Lillard isn’t revealed until the end of the film. A few moments made me laugh or chuckle because of the references to the first movie. The two biggest being the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer playing at the prom with Rachael Leigh Cook teasing the audience about why the song seems familiar to her. Then at the very end of the film when everyone starts to dance Matthew Lillard’s character starts busting out some moves that Brock Hudson, his character in the first one, did as well. It was all very good-hearted.

If you are a fan of the original then I think you will get a kick out of watching “He’s All That”.

However, there are movies done recently that did the same type of makeover shtick a bit better. The first one to pop up in my mind is “The Duff”. Another with a self makeover, romance and highschool drama is “Easy A”.

I’m going to start putting a score at the end of my reviews to help people better understand where my emotional meter is on a movie and how much I liked it. I tend to be critical even when I like a movie or tv show.

SCORE: 7/10

Review: Netflix’s Wednesday – Season One (Spoiler Free)

I binge-watched all eight episodes of Wednesday Season One in two days. The series premiered on the 23rd of November 2022. I watched the first episode at midnight on the 23rd slept and did life things then finished the last episode at 5:00 am on the 24th. I made sure not to follow the hype on this show so that if it was bad I wouldn’t be too upset. I’ve been a fan of The Addams Family franchise since the old black and white which used to do reruns when I was a child in the 80s. Then the two movies in the 90s with Christina Ricci as Wednesday are some of my favorite comedy films. The second is my favorite of the two.

The television show isn’t as goofy as the original show nor is it on the same level as the movies from the 90s. However, this isn’t a bad thing. Tim Burton and Danny Elfman have given this show its own identity and mood. It fits the past work for both of them in other projects. Dark but lighthearted enough not to pull down the emotions of the viewer. All the gore fits into the storyline and isn’t over the top at all.

The design of the sets, costumes, makeup, and more are spectacular and bring a great blend of modern and classic to the show. I especially like how they worked in vivid punches of color into Wednesday’s typically monochromatic world.
The cast did an outstanding job with their roles. As someone who grew up with Raul Julia as Gomez, it is a little weird having the new version in this series. However, Luis Guzm├ín is growing on me so I look forward to the new season. If there is one that is. Since I have binge-watched the series so rapidly, and, it is the holidays here in the USA. I haven’t been keeping up with the overall take on the internet with how well this has been watched or received as of yet.

I’ve seen Jenna Ortega in other things the one that I love more than this new series is The Babysitter: Killer Queen. She is a phenomenal actress and I look forward to seeing where her career goes. Hopefully, it will be illustrious and busy!
The storyline (without getting into spoilers) is a typical coming of age with personal character growth, but, it doesn’t feel overdone or trite. For me, half of the mystery in the season was easy to see only a few episodes in but the other parts were surprises. They left enough open at the end to tie some things back in newer seasons without having to rehash them. The formula is great with enough bits in every episode to show there is an overarching storyline without overpowering the other things going on in each episode. It is a great balance that I hope they continue with for the rest of the show’s lifetime.

If you are the kind of person that liked or loved the original Addams family movies then I think you will love this series. Just give it to the third episode for it to really take off into the storyline and to get comfortable with the character dynamics. Try not to do what some critics are and be so cynical that you can’t just enjoy good entertainment for what it is.

Supernatural – Character Review/Impressions – Mary Winchester

Okay, I have been binge watching Supernatural from Season 1 forward for over a month now. I watched all the seasons before up to the last two. I just watched Season 12 Episode 3 “The Foundry” and felt the urge to vent about Mary Winchester.

Mrs. Winchester came from a hunter family. Generations of hunters raising hunters. She decided to rebel as a teen/young adult and wanted out of hunting. She met a dude (John Winchester) who she supposedly fell in love with. Then her parents are killed by a demon, the same demon she then makes a deal with just to get the supposed love of her life back starting the shit storm that ultimately happens to Sam and Dean. She never tells Mr. Winchester about hunting, demons, or the deal she made.

See here is the thing. If you truly love someone then you are also supposed to trust them with who you are, where you came from, etc. You don’t hide your past, your family history, or any demon deals that you made for their life. Mr. Winchester can be excused from that because he didn’t know that his father was a Men of Letters member since he disappeared before he was old enough to be told and then the chapter was killed off as well so no one would have come forward later to recruit him.

When Mary is returned to life as a reward to Dean and also Sam for convincing Amara (The Darkness) to turn away from hollow revenge and to give being a family with Chuck (God/The Light) another chance it was supposed to be a good thing. I understand that the new technology and such is jarring. But, Mary in the past always seemed like a smart girl. The kind of girl who would quickly catch on to things.

When she leaves the boys and the bunker at the end of the episode I want to scream at her. A mother doesn’t walk out on her sons. The fact that she makes it sound like she blames them for her issues then says that she loves them before leaving is such a bitch move. Leaving won’t help her get her head around the fact that she missed 33 years of her children’s lives! Asking them questions, letting them tell their life stories while all sat down drinking some beers or something would be better than just walking out like that! I also get the vibe that she is pissed at John for becoming a hunter and going after the demon while dragging the boys along. This shows that she didn’t really know her husband at all. Even I know that a Marine like John wouldn’t just let it go. Once a Marine always a Marine.

This base reaction to things taints her character for me. She is emotionally and mentally weak. I think she kinda always was. So unless something happens to her that makes her learn to be stronger she is going to always be a shitty mom to me.

Game Review: Saints Row (2022)

I am a big fan of the Saints Row franchise. I’ve been playing since the first one came out on the Xbox 360. It started off as a GTA clone but eventually established it’s own voice in the genre. The game story lines got bigger, more campy, and crazy as the series went on eventually getting to Ruler of the Universe and Time Traveler level of hilarity.

I decided to pre-order the Notorious Edition of the new Saints Row. I sat down and played it for hours last night.

The devs decided to reboot the franchise this year with Saints Row. Set in a completely new setting that reminds me of Las Vegas called Santo Ileso. As always you play as The Boss, but, in this one the Saints don’t exist yet. You and your roommates decide after some things go down (trying to avoid heavy spoilers) to start your own criminal enterprise… The Saints.

The story flow so far is slow. They made some of the game mechanics and features only unlockable through the story line instead of it just being there in the game already. Side jobs (side hustles) start off as only a few different types but expand as you play the game. Hidden collectables, dumpster diving, and the Wanted list are also there for distraction. Just like Saints Row 3 and forward you can collect vehicles as well by jacking them and taking them to your garage. There are hours and hours of things to do outside of the main story line.

I don’t like the healing method they are using in the game. In the old ones you got health pickups from killing the enemies. In this one you get one health boost (it doesn’t heal you completely) every so often. Even if you kill a lot of enemies it still takes longer than I would like to get ready, killing speeds up the timer, it can lead to some really frustrating game play where you are literally running and dodging around in circles just to keep alive while waiting for it to pop. Oh, and the default difficulty level is good for co-op. Not so good for solo because trying to aim the guns is frustrating as heck. It auto aims for the body and then fights you if you try to aim anywhere else which makes being accurate super hard. I looked in the settings and couldn’t find anything to tone down or turn this feature off. I would be aiming down sights and it would bounce from one side of the enemies head to the other at a nudge from the stick even if I wasn’t firing.

Co-op at the time of this blog is broken. My buddy and I ended up at a point right in the beginning section that just wouldn’t move forward. We tried it twice before giving up and completing it solo before teaming back up. We can’t see each other when we aren’t right next to each other because we aren’t highlighted in world for the other player. I can’t see him on the map at all to pin point his location if we decided to go explore different locations. Later on in the story line he was forcibly disconnected from me by the game right before a cut scene. This caused the game to almost freeze to the point that I thought I was going to have to close it all the way out and come back in. Then once the cut scene finally played through the game wouldn’t let him reconnect. After this we decided to solo play until the co-op is fixed. This feature being broken at launch when it was being sold as key to the game is frustrating. It also reminds me of Dying Light 2 which is not a good thing. My friend and I go out of our way to buy titles that we can play online together because that is the only time we get to hang out with each other even though we live in the same city.

Over all if you like the Saint Row franchise you will love this game… clarification. If you love the original game and the second one the most of all the titles then you will love this one. The story line is more toned down even with the comedy involved in it.

Movie Reviews: Resident Evil the Complete Collection

During my week, this week, I hurt my wrist. This means no gaming at least for a few more days as I write this. I am to the point in my healing where I can type and mouse with only a little if any pain but can not hold and manipulate a controller. This is major sad face for me, but, it gave me a chance to catch up on some things I’ve wanted to watch. I decided to buy on digital The Complete Collection: Resident Evil through Amazon Video. I had seen the first three films in the six film franchise already. I love the character Alice. The movies do become pretty cheesy as the franchise goes on, but, at the same time they don’t lose their entertainment value. When I watch action movies of any kind I am personally not looking for realism, a deep story, or anything like that. These movies give plenty of action with a bad ass female at the helm!

I will admit that I never played through the original titles to the game series that the film series is based on. I’ve only played Biohazard and The Village. Because of this I think it lets me see the movies in a less jaded view than fans of the games see them.

Through the viewing I noticed plot holes you could drive a truck through, and inconsistency with the storytelling. Most of these were caused by gaps between films, casting issues, scheduling, etc. Most of these from what I understand are closed up within the novels so I will have to read the series someday soon.

The acting is good in the films by the main actors for each film and even some side characters were well done. You can tell that some of the actors actually studied the characters they were to portray in the movie. I didn’t like who they chose for Leon, but, it wasn’t my call and he did okay.

I recommend to anyone to watch this series if you like movies where the good guys win no matter what happens to them. Just keep in mind that this is all loosely based on the game series and seems to deviate a lot by the end from what I understand.

Product Review – Pepsi Nitro Brew and Vanilla

My mom saw an ad for a new Pepsi product last night called Nitro. After some research I discovered that it came in Brew and then Vanilla flavors. So, today I headed out to the closest location to hopefully have it in stock. This location was 6 miles away from my house. I picked up a single can of each along with a few other items so that it wasn’t a waste of gas since it is almost $6 a gallon where I am at the moment.

I put the cans into the refrigerator to get cold since they weren’t kept in a refrigerated case at the store. Just ten minutes ago, a few hours of being cooled, mom decided to try them. She opened the dark blue Brew can first and divided the 16 oz can into two smaller drinking glasses. We both took a couple of sips to get the full flavor on our tongues. It’s nasty! The after taste makes me think of flat Pepsi. It’s super sweet, we are a zero sugar soda house typically, and on top of that the carbonation isn’t that good. Reminds me of a half flat beer from tap at a bar. My mom didn’t like it either so instead of finishing it we poured it down the sink rinsed the can and the glasses before we opened the cream colored Vanilla can.

This flavor was just as nasty sweet as the other and not only that but the vanilla flavor is over powering! It’s like taking a couple of drops of imitation vanilla and putting them straight on your tongue! I took one sip and said Nope! before quickly handing the glass back to my mom. She didn’t like the flavor either. The sour aftertaste once the vanilla wore off in my mouth as I type this is going to make me brush my teeth as soon as I can.

I wouldn’t recommend either of these new flavors to anyone that I know!

Review: Upload Season 1 & 2 (Spoilers for a couple of scenes in S2)

I started watching Upload late. As in just a month or so ago so I didn’t have to wait long for the second season at all. It is a really great show that has a formula that I love. They mix serious drama with a lot of comedy to make this actual entertainment without making people who watch it depressed or angry for too long. It also has a lot of different messages that people can take from it. They don’t pull punches from any social or political side and crack some crazy jokes that make me laugh in actual surprised laughter that rarely happens anymore with TV shows.

Season One really establishes the world that Nathan Brown and Nora live in as well as the other characters in it. The real world and the digital world both. There is some nudity, language, and such so I wouldn’t advise that anyone under at least sixteen watch the show unless their parents think they are mature enough. However, everything is within the context of the story and not really gratuitous. Though I have read some reviews where people were upset over the nudity and sex scenes which is silly because they give a warning and a rating for the show. The romance plot-line is great and really sucked me in. I’m a sucker for a good romance story where people take the time to learn and grow into their ultimate selves and end up completing each other in unexpected ways. If you like rom-coms, movies like Idiocracy, and light mysteries then this show has something for you.

Season two started out kind of slow for me and some of the plot lines grated on my nerves, but, as the new story arc unfolded in each episode I started understanding where they were headed. People in the reviews are screaming that the show has gone woke. I just think that they don’t understand the sarcastic comedy that the show is full of. A lot of the episodes this season were full of messages that I saw growing up about helping the little guy if you can, etc. Yes, they say a few things that could be grating on super uptight people but I think they are blowing it out of proportion.

Spoiler Starts Here:

The digital world that Nathan lives in starts offering digital babies. In one scene there is an advertisement saying that either partner can carry with a pregnant man in the ad. To me that was funny! Not because of the whole ‘trans-male’ pregnancy thing that is debated about in real life BUT because in digital worlds it is completely possible for that to happen! What made the scene even more of a comedic moment was that Nathan was basically told that when his water broke it would come out of his anus which anyone that knows about child birth would mean the baby would come out of there as well. The look on the characters face was amazingly hilarious and the fact that the doctor and Ingrid just acted like this was completely okay was funny as hell. In a digital world all of it would actually be possible. Heck, you could most likely ask to do the pregnancy and then skip labor and delivery altogether. Though in Lakeview that would most likely cost a fortune. LMAO! In another earlier scene when Ingrid gets a digital AI baby as a test case to see if she could be a good mother she asks if it is a boy and is told that it appears to be so but they will decide when they get older. While this is an uncomfortable thing for a lot of people to hear it is the truth for a portion of the population and in that scene the one line isn’t focused on and is actually just brushed over to the next part of dialogue and the start of the comedy. Even when the AI baby grows up it doesn’t do any trans anything. The kid grows up seemingly as a boy and even becomes a rude punk rocker in his teens. *rolls eyes* I again really think that people are being overly sensitive.

The new story arc can be read from a lot of different perspectives because it deals with an assumption by Nathan and Nora that a group of corrupt rich people are going to use free uploading as a way to rig presidential elections. People have to remember that things aren’t always as they appear in this show! For a long time it looked like Nathan was murder by his business partner when they weren’t, etc. Let the story unfold people and remind yourselves that all this is exaggerated COMEDY for the most part!

Opinion: Response to Wired Article on Electric Vehicles

I read quite a few articles through out my day. Most of them I admit are because of the titles. One of the articles presented to me by Bing this morning is about a week old as I am writing this. The title is “The US Refuses to Fall in Love with Electric Cars” it is written by Chris Stokel-Walker. The article is well written but he missed an angle or two in the article that should have been taken into account when it comes to some of the reluctance for the use of EVs. While access to charging stations, cost, and mileage range are all huge factors. In most American minds there are also two other things that I can think of that can and do cause hesitation.

Number one is the electrical grid and electricity costs. Here in California we are already having issues with grid overload. Blackouts, brownouts, and scheduled rolling blackouts especially during the summer due to the lack of an updated and/or expanded grid. A perfect example of this is the last two record breaking wildfires that have been traced back to PG&E power lines. The power companies in California have been allowed to slide for decades on updating, expanding, and repairing the electrical grid. With the higher demand for what are now conventional needs to an average household adding EVs to the mix as well as all the charging stations needed to match the population of just California to the burden is showing people the horrible unstable future owning an EV will be like here. A lot of home wiring also would not be able to handle charging an electric vehicle and the costs of updating for doing so would be more than most households could afford even with state incentive programs. Add in the rising costs of electricity itself including ‘peak hours’ rate hikes and you have a recipe that makes lower income households look at EVs as something for rich people since those in higher income households can afford newer homes, utility costs, and the other expenses of EVs more readily.

The second even though the gas we use now is a finite resource so are the materials used to create EVs. Especially the batteries that are used within them. In fact unlike combustion engines that could be retooled easily to use different kinds of fuel as proven by those that have already done so to use refined cooking oils as fuel instead. The EVs are not able to use alternative resources once the finite resources for them have been depleted. On top of that the batteries can not be recycled in order to prolong the materials used to make them. Combustion engines can be melted back down at a slight materials loss to be remade into newer engine parts. The batteries used in combustion engine cars for the most part can also be recycled and made into new batteries with minimal material loss.

The truth is that EVs are a short term fix that will cause a long term problem. It would be better to encourage engineers to make engines even in the V6 and up range more efficient with less fuel, encourage people to learn manual transmissions which help with consumption, make it more important to drive the speed limits because more speed equals more fuel consumption along with more carbon emissions, and have the automobile industry as a whole look into ways to lower emissions without losing engine power by use of alternative fuels, multilevel filtering of the carbon gases within the exhaust systems, etc.

Relationships, Communication, and Lust – Opinion

I’ve been trying to find a life partner for decades. I’ve had a handful of boyfriends and a couple of girlfriends in my life nothing that lasted very long for multiple reasons the majority of which was mostly on them. I’ve been lied to, hidden, cheated on, used for sex, and used as a backup. The amount of sexual partners I have had is also very low compared to average in this day and age. This is only if you count oral as well as intercourse. If you don’t count oral, which a lot of people don’t anymore, then it’s been less than a handful of partners which is mostly unheard of outside of religious people.

You see I believe in the mostly old fashioned view of taking things slow. For me there are intimacy steps and trust to build. Full on sex isn’t even an option for me until at least six months to a year in unless I’ve known them for years as a friend first. In that time we are supposed to hang out, go on dates, text or voice call each other everyday even if it is just to say good morning, talk about our interests, plans for the future, etc. You know, build an actual relationship that hopefully will stand the test of time as long as we communicate.

Lately I have been getting a lot of men that are already in relationships or married messaging me to hook up. This is in spite of my profile saying that I don’t do hookups. I will start to get to know them and things will start to get hinky or they will be up front with what they are really looking for. Just today I had to tell a guy that I was really getting excited over goodbye and block him from messaging me because he was just curious and wanted to experiment, but, has had a girlfriend for six years! I advised him that he needs to talk to her about what he is looking for instead of cheating on her right before I blocked him. If he can’t talk about the things he is interested in both inside and outside the bedroom with her then there is something wrong with the relationship. Even if she can’t give him what he wants she can say if him going out to try it is a deal breaker, or set rules to help her be comfortable with it so that there is a more open understanding of the actual rules of conduct within the relationship on both sides.

I’ve been in an open relationship. The only rules we set were that she told me when she was with someone else not who just that it happened, and that she use protection at all times. We ended up broken up because she couldn’t follow those rules and ended up pregnant and forced to marry the guy who did it because of her family expectations. Even with that experience I would be willing to be in a poly or open relationship again but only if everyone understood how important communication is for EVERYTHING. You can not assume how people are going to react… well you can, but, you shouldn’t and if you don’t feel like you can be open with someone you are dating or sleeping with then you aren’t with the right person.

Sex has become such a huge deal in society when it shouldn’t. It isn’t as important as the emotional and mental connections that we form with each other. Sex is just a by product of those connections with certain relationships, but, it can not be the sole foundation that the relationship is started with.

I feel like sometimes that because I have these beliefs and hard lines that I draw that I will never find someone to share my life with. I also know that I will be emotionally and mentally worse off if I give in and lower my standards because I would be settling for something that is less than what I want and need. There are a lot of people in the world that do that just because they think that they need someone to be whole or to be acknowledged as a person in this world.

California Wildfires and Climate Change – Opinion

I’ve lived in California my entire life. In fact I have lived in the same city in California my entire life. I have watched as the policies of liberals have turned into a burning pile of crap. A bunch of environmentalists convinced the government that the way we were doing forest husbandry to limit the spread of fire was wrong. We used to cut down dead and dying trees, clear out underbrush, and do controlled burns so that there were gaps to help stop fires from spreading fast. When I was a kid this made it so that even though there were still wildfires that they were easier and faster to contain. On top of that a lot of the fires that people are pointing at as examples of “Climate Change” were started by HUMANS either by accident or by arson!

We need to stop this fatalistic religion that is Climate Change. I am all for lower pollution and finding ways to recycle better because it is better for humans as well as the Earth. The way they are pushing it however is crazy. It has been proven that most of the technology that is in use right now to supposedly help save the planet isn’t actually doing much of that at all. Solar panels being made causes just as much waste as other items that are made, they aren’t efficient unless continuously cleaned and have to be replaced fairly often for multiple reasons, they also have to use expensive batteries to store power for low sun days or nighttime. The batteries as far as I know are just as bad for the Earth as normal car batteries and have to be replaced about every five to six years most of the time. Oh, and because of the efficiency issues they can’t be used as the only power for most houses let alone cities. Wind has some of the same issues and the huge turbines kill birds. Hybrid and all electric cars eat electricity and are dangerous in accidents for civilians as well as first responders Hybrids are a little less on the eating energy than the all in ones, but, aren’t any less dangerous. I’ve had a mechanic also tell me that hybrids and electrics are dangerous for them to even work on depending on the job they’re doing.

It’s crazy. A lot of countries are buying into this crap and are taxing, restricting, etc. in order to supposedly save the planet, but, at the same time India and China especially are putting out tons of pollution which undoes most of the good that is supposedly being done. Meanwhile, people are panicking about this because of all this “proof” that is coming up like the ice caps melting and more fires every year, but, they don’t take into account man made fires, the fact that things from World Wars is being found in the ice as it is melting, that polar bears aren’t going extinct, etc. If we are finding things in the ice that are from our recent history then obviously the ice has been lower before.

In California people voted for things to be put into place that is making it more expensive to live here and then have started to complain because their jobs can’t pay the rent. How about you stop voting for people and things to feel good about yourself and start using your more logical side? Making solar mandatory for all new homes built has made it so that the prices for the homes is out of most working families price ranges. Limiting how many apartment complexes, duplexes, etc. per single family homes is also contributing to the housing crisis. But…but…but… Climate Change we have to do these things to save our planet.

You know what? Talk to any geologist and they will tell you that the Earth is still changing, expanding, retracting, shifting, what have you. It is slow and subtle for the most part. People are worried over sand bars disappearing… not because the seas and oceans are actually rising but because the sand is being washed away… that is NATURAL! The creatures that live on them will migrate or die off because that is the cycle of fucking LIFE! The Earth would become unsustainable to humans sooner than it would a lot of other species before we would die and it would start a new cycle. There is life in the super deep oceans that we have never really seen and haven’t affected at all. It has been shown that even in the most polluted parts of the ocean there is still life happening there. Most of it is too small to the naked eye to be seen but it is there. Humans themselves are individual planets to a lot of life forms ourselves, bacteria, protozoa, etc. Even if mankind were to kill themselves off we wouldn’t take the planet with us, it would be changed and the life that evolved after would most likely not look anything like Humans, but, it would eventually come.

For those that worship a God, Goddess, or what not out there. How arrogant of you to assume that we could completely destroy what they have built? You want to do these things to show respect? Cool beans, just know that they will continue to shift and change their creation. The only thing that you can control is you.

My point is that even if every single American, Canadian, etc. were to suddenly live like the Amish other countries would still be causing issues and I am sorry but we have been cleaning up our stuff for almost a century now and making new cleaner ways to do things as well. It will not happen overnight and without taking over the world we can’t stop everyone because there will always be an industrial revolution or such going on as other countries develop and evolve.