Supernatural – Character Review/Impressions – Mary Winchester

Okay, I have been binge watching Supernatural from Season 1 forward for over a month now. I watched all the seasons before up to the last two. I just watched Season 12 Episode 3 “The Foundry” and felt the urge to vent about Mary Winchester.

Mrs. Winchester came from a hunter family. Generations of hunters raising hunters. She decided to rebel as a teen/young adult and wanted out of hunting. She met a dude (John Winchester) who she supposedly fell in love with. Then her parents are killed by a demon, the same demon she then makes a deal with just to get the supposed love of her life back starting the shit storm that ultimately happens to Sam and Dean. She never tells Mr. Winchester about hunting, demons, or the deal she made.

See here is the thing. If you truly love someone then you are also supposed to trust them with who you are, where you came from, etc. You don’t hide your past, your family history, or any demon deals that you made for their life. Mr. Winchester can be excused from that because he didn’t know that his father was a Men of Letters member since he disappeared before he was old enough to be told and then the chapter was killed off as well so no one would have come forward later to recruit him.

When Mary is returned to life as a reward to Dean and also Sam for convincing Amara (The Darkness) to turn away from hollow revenge and to give being a family with Chuck (God/The Light) another chance it was supposed to be a good thing. I understand that the new technology and such is jarring. But, Mary in the past always seemed like a smart girl. The kind of girl who would quickly catch on to things.

When she leaves the boys and the bunker at the end of the episode I want to scream at her. A mother doesn’t walk out on her sons. The fact that she makes it sound like she blames them for her issues then says that she loves them before leaving is such a bitch move. Leaving won’t help her get her head around the fact that she missed 33 years of her children’s lives! Asking them questions, letting them tell their life stories while all sat down drinking some beers or something would be better than just walking out like that! I also get the vibe that she is pissed at John for becoming a hunter and going after the demon while dragging the boys along. This shows that she didn’t really know her husband at all. Even I know that a Marine like John wouldn’t just let it go. Once a Marine always a Marine.

This base reaction to things taints her character for me. She is emotionally and mentally weak. I think she kinda always was. So unless something happens to her that makes her learn to be stronger she is going to always be a shitty mom to me.

Bones Season 8

Okay, so I have been binge watching the television show Bones. I love the show. However, as I have gotten to Season 8 and through it I have noticed that the quality of the writing is deteriorating severely.

It’s like once Booth and Bones got together no one knew were to go when it came to how the show should be written so they just started making shit up. The episodes for the most part used to be 95% about the case they were working on with snippets of personal lives with episodes rotating on which personal lives where focused on. Now, the cases are almost secondary to the personal lives of the characters and almost always are something that affects them in some fashion.

They have also gotten sloppy with the major multi arc villains. My biggest bitch at the moment is Pelant. Where did this guy come from and why is he targeting Bones? All of the other ones were explained or something that she ended up tangled in because of her job. NO ONE as of episode 24 in season 8 has bothered to show why he would target her. If he is a serial killer, if he is super smart, if he is obsessed with Bones and beating her then where did all this motivation come from for that? So far all we have is that he challenged her out of the blue and when he was about to be beaten he some how weasels out of it in a way no one actually has to explain. If Pelant was going to change his identity to a foreign national he would have had to hack more systems than people seem to think he would have to for both the USA and Egypt. Erasing without a trace is easy from what I understand on hacking but creating shit and making it seem like it was always there? That is much harder and no matter how much of a genius this guy is it would have taken much longer to setup then he had unless it was something that he took years to setup just in case. And if that is the case then he had to have had it setup from before he was banned from computers because there is no way he could have used library systems to do it from the automated scanning system like he supposedly did for all the other crap.

Pelant is so dumb as a villain. It’s like they said hmm… if Bones is our Sherlock Holmes then we need a Moriarty for her to go up against. Um, MORONS! She doesn’t need that kind of thing and we as the audience don’t either. The show is just as interesting with the typical cases and character growth that was happening. She didn’t need a Big Bad to go on top of it. A Big Bad that comes from no where, has no real background story, and seems to be superhuman. Lets not forget that he somehow has access to all this technology to pull this shit off that he shouldn’t have access to for unexplained reasons.

It was one thing when she was targeted by the Grave Digger. She ended up tangled in that by accident and then on purpose because the Grave Digger decided to focus on her and Hodgins because they survived, etc. It was also a tangle up when the Gormogon started focusing on her, etc. Most of the villains in the show end up targeting Bones because of the FBI stumbling on a body that links them to her. They don’t go out of their way to say, “Look at me! Look at me! I’m smarter than you!” Also, statistically the amount of serial killers they are dealing with is crazy there are roughly less than 5k serial killers active in the USA at any one time. Bones has dealt with at least 3 so far in the show. The timeline for the show is about three to four years so far including the time where Booth went back overseas and Bones went on that dig in another country. At least that is what I assume considering the ages of the kids and the conversations that the interns have. If that is the case then running into that many serial killers is too much and having one target them from out of nowhere is ridiculous to the extreme. From what they have shared in the show he doesn’t have a history of more than ONE murder before he suddenly starts killing people to gain Bones attention.

I will say it one more time Pelant doesn’t make any sense at all in this show formula. He is able to do things that aren’t realistic for just one person to be able to do without CIA training and help, superpowers, or hack writers that don’t understand the terms plot hole or mary sue.

As much as I want to watch the whole show I don’t know if I am going to make it if the writing doesn’t improve again. It’s like the X-Files all over again. If the show formula isn’t broken then don’t experiment with it! A great example is Supernatural. They kept true to the root of the show which was the relationship of the brothers and everything else changed around that.

You want to experiment, you want to branch out, you want to do something different? Write for a different show! Write a script for your own movie or whatever don’t bring it into my shows and fuck everything up making it unwatchable!

Rant – Source Material is Source Material

Okay, I have been having an argument on YouTube with a bunch of people about this comment I made on a video where they analyzed “The Shining” for a theory called The Wendy Theory. I watched one minute of the video and then stopped wrote my comment which is my opinion backed up by an apparently old school education and then went on with my life.

The comment was on the fact that in the creators stated research list for the video he did not list the book for which the movie was inspired. I said that the fact that he didn’t read the book makes the rest of his analysis invalid since the book is the source material for which the movie came from. All these people, not the creator mind you, came forward to defend the video. Telling me that the book has nothing to do with the movie, that Stephen King disavowed the movie since it deviated from the book so much, etc. Not one of their so called arguments is actually valid to my point.

When I went through middle school and high school I was taught how to research for different types of things from papers, to debates, and finally to be able to defend a scientific hypothesis or analysis. The first rule of research for any of these is to READ THE SOURCE MATERIALS. If you don’t make sure that the research you are basing all of your analysis on is as thorough as possible then anyone can come along to topple your tower because the keystone is missing.

I don’t care if later on Stephen King disavowed the movie. Stanley Kubrick himself stated that the movie was inspired by the book. It shares a lot of the same main story elements up to and including the characters and their motivations.

If you are analyzing something that is inspired by something else and sharing that with the public then you should be able to proudly state that you made sure to read/watch what inspired it as part of your thorough research and also be able to publish a bibliography so that others can do and see the evidence of your argument. Though the bibliography isn’t always necessary especially when it comes to visual media.

To me this video that everyone is harping on me about is trash. It is on par with people who have only watched the Harry Potter movies and then they trying to analyze the storyline and such. If you haven’t read the books then you are missing HUGE pieces of things that were left out or out right changed for the films. The movies by the fourth one especially deviate sometimes drastically from the books they were inspired by.

My final message to all those who where criticizing me was to state that either I was being trolled, which is a distinct possibility, or the people that were arguing with me have almost no education in how to research and analyze anything properly.

I don’t like intellectual laziness. It is my opinion that it is unfortunately becoming more and more common from what I can tell.

In need but don’t know what to do…

So, in order to stave off depression, anxiety, and to connect to the world I play video games as my main hobby. I also read, and watch movies/tv shows, but, gaming is my thing. Everyone I am friends with knows this about me. My issue is that I can’t upgrade my video card. I have the money for it. That isn’t the issue. Well, I have the money for the card if I avoid scalpers (resellers as they like to be called).

I have my eye on a RTX 3060ti or a general 3060. EVGA is the only company that I currently trust.

My current card is starting to not be able to keep up with some of my gaming titles and in some cases I have to put the settings down to the lowest they will go in order to not have my GPU get too hot especially in the summertime when my house is 80 f and up. I am running a GTX 970.

If I could throw money at the issue I would just buy a new PC, but, that isn’t an option for me unless I miraculously win Publisher’s Clearing House.

Demand is high but it has also been inflated because of scalp bots which is super frustrating. You want to make money? I get that, but, this is at the expense of other people who don’t have wads of cash to throw at shit.

I’d give in and just buy a PS5 except the lifecycle of consoles is worse than PC.

Sorry, I just needed to rant because this is the third or fourth month now that I have been waiting to get my chance to get a new video card and now my games are lagging and crap because of it.

Brightside, I have a roof over my head, food to eat in the house, and I am breathing. I also still have some games I can play with no issues, a PS4, a PS3, and lots of stuff to read/watch to choose from.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Rant

I play COD Warzone. I have never played any other COD game. I got into it because I made a friend on Twitch who plays it on stream but he is playing with randoms most of the time. I enjoy it though I find myself yelling at the screen more often than not.

There are various modes in the game Battle Royale, Plunder, and more. My favorite mode is Plunder. You and your team run around gathering money in order to get to 1 million first.

My rant is about the other players that do this mode. The point of the mode is to gather the most money. It isn’t to get the most kills though there are certain activities that do put forth pvp like bounty hunting, etc. I have repeatedly been put with randoms (I am grinding the season to 100 so I need to play A LOT.) that don’t understand this concept. They choose the top three locations that everyone drops to so that they can get sweaty and get the most kills. *face palm* You don’t get money for kills. Not everyone has money on them when they die so there is no point in just going around killing people. Now, if you are killing people while running around grabbing money from the various supply boxes and building that is one thing. But, staying in one place and waiting for people to come to you or going back to the same place you are being killed at repeatedly is just insanely stupid. You get the most XP by getting the most money, being in the top ten, being in the top five, or being first which nets you the most. Combat actually gets you the smallest amount of XP. I’ve gotten six or more kills in a round while not getting much money and ended up with less than 10k in experience.

Hey morons! Worry more about making money and less about measuring your cock with the amount of kills you get in PLUNDER MODE! You want to prove your manhood with the amount of kills you get? Play Battle Royale or Resurrection!

Heat waves

I really, really, dislike heat waves especially because of where I live both my location and the home I live in. I live in Sacramento, California. This is in the Central Valley. So… generally this time of year the temperature is in the nineties and I can kind of handle that, but, for the next week it is going to be in the hundreds. We are talking normal Arizona temperatures here. Today it got to 109. The forecast says it’s going to be even hotter than that for the next three days! I already have issues with being heat sensitive. I get heat stroke very easy and in fact will get headaches as my warning that I am getting too hot. Today in order to stave off the headache that I could feel coming on as the heat climbed I started putting a wet flour cloth towel over my head, neck and upper shoulders. Just about every hour to hour and one half I have to get u p and resoak the towel.

This heat means that I can’t play video games at all. My computer sits in the 30c range as it is most of the time. When it gets this hot the living room gets horrid and the computer sits in the low 40c ranges. This means playing anything makes it so that my computer starts to throttle almost right away because even though my CPU has an all in one system on it my GPU does not.

Why does it get that hot? I live in a big metal box with an older A/C unit and little to no insulation. A 1978 single wide mobile home that has seen better days. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that I have a home when so many don’t in California. I am not taking that for granted at all. I just wish I could be cooler with lower energy bills.

I enter into Publisher’s Clearing House everyday for anything that is a weekly pay out or 1 mil and above. When I do I find myself dreaming of a day when I can be in a nicer place in Washington or Oregon. I have my eye on Olympia, Lake Goodwin, Forks, Redmond, Bend, basically anywhere that is semi small or tiny. I don’t want to live somewhere big like Seattle or god forbid Portland. My views on life wouldn’t be welcome there and they are just too big to me. Heat waves for them is hitting the mid to lower nineties. I could so deal with that compared to what I deal with normally here. Though you would probably hear me bitching about the super cold instead every year since I’ve never lived in snow country and only visited it for a day or two in my life. LOL.

I know! Two posts today… but like I said in the post. No video games and I felt like bitching. 😛

Being Smart vs Being Educated – Rant August 4th, 2020

Today I want to talk about the big difference between being educated and being smart. A lot of people seem to think that they go hand in hand, but, I will tell you now from having experience in dealing with college people of all ages and backgrounds that this is far from the truth of it.

What set me off on this topic is that I went to watch a video from one of the YouTubers that I used to follow, I unsubscribed from them today, proceeded to say that because they are college educated and on their way to law school with a 4.0 GPA it made them more knowledgeable than the people that were commenting in their last video and that if people wanted to listen to those that never went to college and there for weren’t educated that they could go ahead and do so but that it would be stupid.

I ranted at my television and immediately unsubscribed from that arrogant asshat.

Just because you go to college and pass your courses doesn’t mean you are smart or even that you know what you are talking about. Just because you are going to law school doesn’t mean shit. The way schooling is done in order to pass classes and get degrees is literally memorization. You have to learn certain things in a certain way in order to regurgitate the facts, figures, and dates back on paper to the teacher. It doesn’t take much other than dedication to do this.

I’ve literally helped hundreds of college students take exams. I knew someone that had an A+ Certification for Computers that didn’t know to try a different keyboard to troubleshoot an issue before replacing the motherboard!

I am tired of people that go to college and get pieces of paper telling me that because I haven’t that it makes me stupid. My normal response to their arrogance is to tell them my IQ number and my SAT scores BEFORE I took and passed Algebra. They usually get all embarrassed and back off after that. Just in case you are curious I’ve been told by my mother that my IQ was 156 when I was tested as a child in the ’80s. I also got 900+ on my SAT in the summer between Junior and Senior years of high school. This was in 1997 so the number would be different now since they recalibrated stuff.

I am smart, but, it is the type of smart that doesn’t do well in most classroom settings. The proof of this is that my GPA was barely a B when I graduated high school. I never wanted to go to college because most of the things that I was interested in were either things I could do without it or things I was advised not to get into by professionals in the field. Law Enforcement and Anthropology to be exact on those advised against.

To a lot of educated people this makes them assume that I am dumb because society has decided to tell people that they HAVE to go to college to achieve anything. This is bullshit. A lot of the inventions we have today were conceived by people with only an elementary education. Admittedly the more scientific ones had educated people behind them but not all of them. It is just like people that judge someone because they work a job like mechanic, a/c repair, etc. and assume that they are stupid and that is why they do ‘Manual Labor’. They never take the time to look into it. A lot of hands on jobs are hurting for people to fill positions and they pay a lot too most of the time. It’s stupid and shows not only a lack in intelligence but a lack of class on their parts to think that.

I am going to close this up since my rant has lost steam as I let loose on here with a link or two and some pictures I found on the internet that I liked that fit in with what I have been saying. It just frustrates me so much to see and hear that much arrogance over something so dumb.