Fallout 76 – Why I might be quitting

I love the Fallout franchise and I have since Fallout 3. Admittedly that means that I am a fairly new fan but I still love it.

I wanted to be able to play co-op with friends just like a lot of other players. So, when they announced Fallout 76 I was super stoked! When more detail came in and it was revealed that it would basically be an MMO I was irritated. I don’t like MMOs. They tend to be cash grabs and not altogether that good. They also tend to be a lot of grinding which makes them boring to me. I also remember the old version of them where you had to buy the game, each expansion as they game out, AND pay a monthly or yearly fee to even be able to access the game YOU ALREADY PAID FOR. Admittedly, they don’t use that structure with most MMOs anymore but I still remember it.

I bought the game on launch day for PS4 to play with my friend at the time. We liked it even though it was buggy as hell. Eventually because of the shortness of the storyline and the grind I became bored with it and moved on to other titles. My friend eventually did to and even gave his copy away to someone else because he couldn’t even sell it at the local game store for credit.

I’ve been spending more time gaming on my PC than on my console and I wanted to try Wastelanders when it came out so I waited for it to go on sale and bought the Wastelanders Deluxe Edition along with the Tricentennial DLC. With the new Wastelanders stuff added in I fell back in love with the game and have since May 2020 when I bought the title put in 207 hours, gotten 78% of the achievements, AND gotten the max Steam trading card level badge to put on my profile by buying and selling other cards. I have also spent an extra fifty to sixty dollars on Atoms.

I have an AMD 9590-FX which is 8 cores/4.7Ghz and a GTX 970 video card. The card is a little behind the times but still serviceable enough to run Far Cry 5 so Fallout 76 shouldn’t be an issue and it wasn’t until they updated the game for the first of the new seasons system. I love the season system btw. It gives me goals to keep me from getting bored of the grind and cool new cosmetics for my character and base. However, since the update I’ve been getting pop-in issues, texture blurring, invisible enemies that can harm me but I can’t harm them, and my load times are way longer than they used to be. I put in a ticket to their support and nothing they had me do fixed anything. I know it is because it isn’t my system it is on their end, but, they refuse to believe that and keep running me around in circles about it. Eventually I just gave up and adapted to it instead because it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t keep playing. It just meant that I could read while I was waiting to get into the game or traveling somewhere. It also meant that I had to be a Power Armor build because I would fall through the map from time to time.

Recently they added a new event that I call the Wendigo Event since it has a Colossal Wendigo as the bad guy in it. I’m not to fussed about it since it requires a nuke silo run to start. I will get around to doing it eventually because it is a permanent event just like the Scorch Beast Queen or the Sheepsquatch. But then just a day or less after they added that they started a yearly event called Meat Week. These two added events have caused things to get so bad that my game will freeze as I am fast traveling to a location or even when I am loading into the game! Enemies are now ALWAYS invisible when I get to a new area even if I go there on foot, C.A.M.P.s are having pop-in issues so bad along with everything else to the point where sometimes I can stand staring at where it is supposed to be for over five minutes before it comes in or longer! So, because it has gotten to the point where I can barely play at all now I sent another support ticket in.

I let them know that I had contacted them about this issue before and that I had done everything that they asked with no improvement. That when I first bought the game there were little to no issues at all but now all the issues have gotten so bad that I can’t even play. I also included the msinfo file and the DxDiag file that they asked for. You know what they sent back? A fucking CANNED response! Basically a form letter telling me that if I am having these issues it HAS to be on my end and that I should do all these things THAT I HAVE ALREADY DONE in order to fix it. So, I wrote back and pointed out that I had already said that I tried all of those and they didn’t fix it. That sending me that response only proved that they didn’t read anything that I said that they didn’t look at the files that I sent along. That I am a paying customer and I am getting tired of feeling like I am being ignored. That I KNOW it is on their end because my specs haven’t changed, my internet speed hasn’t changed, and yet the issues keep getting worse as they ad shit into the game! I went and looked at the requirements for the game… my specs are at the recommended settings but with more memory!

So, I am going to do one last thing to test and see if it helps before I completely wash my hands of this game and quit/boycott it for good. I am going to tell GeForce Experience to do a clean installation of the drivers. If this doesn’t fix anything it is the last thing I could try. I am so tired of fighting to be able to fucking RELAX!

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