Review – Saints Row the Third Remaster – PS4 Slim

I have been a HUGE Saints Row fan since the very first game. What started off as a GTA clone turned into it’s own goofy and unique personality in the gangster genre that was so popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

When I heard that they were doing a remaster for the third game I was excited and hopeful. I didn’t expect the dumpster fire that it turned into. What the hell where the developers for the remaster thinking?! As if it wasn’t bad enough that Shaundi was revamped from the second game to the third to take away the likeness of the previous voice actress (Eliza Dushku). They made her look nothing like before! It’s like they decided to hit her with the fugly stick for some unknown reason. They also changed a few of the other characters making them almost unrecognisable!

On top of the character models being down right nasty they made a lot of the clothing worse than before, textures that used to look almost real in the original are missing or just plain worse in the remaster.

If you decide to give your character black hair you better get used to it looking dove grey as the colors are all off by a little or a lot which I admit was a slight problem in the original as well. But, with as bad as this is in the remaster it is like the developers decided that Volition/Deep Silver issued a challenge to make it worse and they said, “Hold my beer.”

The game also has performance issues. Frame drops, almost freezing, and more which was massively annoying considering how smooth the original is in comparison.

If you are a fan of the series like me I would recommend skipping the remaster and praying that the next Saints Row game isn’t a shit show on par with a lot of other titles that have been coming out extremely broken lately.

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