Doppelganger – Reilly Dolman x Jonathan Brandis

I was watching this Netflix show called Travelers. I’ve given up on it after about five episodes because everything is stupidly convoluted and the vague over arching plot makes my head hurt. However, this is not about that show. This is about one of the actors. His name is Reilly Dolman and he plays the character named Philip.

I spent a good portion of my viewing time trying to figure out why he seemed so familiar to me. It was driving me nuts. So I looked up his name and Duck Duck Goed him. I didn’t recognize anything other that Percy Jackson in his filmography so I looked through pictures and I saw this one.

Reilly Dolman

It’s from his Instagram posts from what I understand. It spooked me and sent me running through another search because he looks almost like Jonathan Brandis to me. See example below.

Jonathan BrandisCirca – 1990Credit: (Mandatory): WENN

Seriously they could be brothers or cousins. Reilly Dolman was born in 1988 so he is too old to be his kid since Jonathan Brandis was born in 1976. It blows my mind that these two guys look so much alike. I had to talk about it a little bit. One last set of pictures and then I will move on to watching a different show.

Jonathan Brandis
Reilly Dolman

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