Bones Season 8

Okay, so I have been binge watching the television show Bones. I love the show. However, as I have gotten to Season 8 and through it I have noticed that the quality of the writing is deteriorating severely.

It’s like once Booth and Bones got together no one knew were to go when it came to how the show should be written so they just started making shit up. The episodes for the most part used to be 95% about the case they were working on with snippets of personal lives with episodes rotating on which personal lives where focused on. Now, the cases are almost secondary to the personal lives of the characters and almost always are something that affects them in some fashion.

They have also gotten sloppy with the major multi arc villains. My biggest bitch at the moment is Pelant. Where did this guy come from and why is he targeting Bones? All of the other ones were explained or something that she ended up tangled in because of her job. NO ONE as of episode 24 in season 8 has bothered to show why he would target her. If he is a serial killer, if he is super smart, if he is obsessed with Bones and beating her then where did all this motivation come from for that? So far all we have is that he challenged her out of the blue and when he was about to be beaten he some how weasels out of it in a way no one actually has to explain. If Pelant was going to change his identity to a foreign national he would have had to hack more systems than people seem to think he would have to for both the USA and Egypt. Erasing without a trace is easy from what I understand on hacking but creating shit and making it seem like it was always there? That is much harder and no matter how much of a genius this guy is it would have taken much longer to setup then he had unless it was something that he took years to setup just in case. And if that is the case then he had to have had it setup from before he was banned from computers because there is no way he could have used library systems to do it from the automated scanning system like he supposedly did for all the other crap.

Pelant is so dumb as a villain. It’s like they said hmm… if Bones is our Sherlock Holmes then we need a Moriarty for her to go up against. Um, MORONS! She doesn’t need that kind of thing and we as the audience don’t either. The show is just as interesting with the typical cases and character growth that was happening. She didn’t need a Big Bad to go on top of it. A Big Bad that comes from no where, has no real background story, and seems to be superhuman. Lets not forget that he somehow has access to all this technology to pull this shit off that he shouldn’t have access to for unexplained reasons.

It was one thing when she was targeted by the Grave Digger. She ended up tangled in that by accident and then on purpose because the Grave Digger decided to focus on her and Hodgins because they survived, etc. It was also a tangle up when the Gormogon started focusing on her, etc. Most of the villains in the show end up targeting Bones because of the FBI stumbling on a body that links them to her. They don’t go out of their way to say, “Look at me! Look at me! I’m smarter than you!” Also, statistically the amount of serial killers they are dealing with is crazy there are roughly less than 5k serial killers active in the USA at any one time. Bones has dealt with at least 3 so far in the show. The timeline for the show is about three to four years so far including the time where Booth went back overseas and Bones went on that dig in another country. At least that is what I assume considering the ages of the kids and the conversations that the interns have. If that is the case then running into that many serial killers is too much and having one target them from out of nowhere is ridiculous to the extreme. From what they have shared in the show he doesn’t have a history of more than ONE murder before he suddenly starts killing people to gain Bones attention.

I will say it one more time Pelant doesn’t make any sense at all in this show formula. He is able to do things that aren’t realistic for just one person to be able to do without CIA training and help, superpowers, or hack writers that don’t understand the terms plot hole or mary sue.

As much as I want to watch the whole show I don’t know if I am going to make it if the writing doesn’t improve again. It’s like the X-Files all over again. If the show formula isn’t broken then don’t experiment with it! A great example is Supernatural. They kept true to the root of the show which was the relationship of the brothers and everything else changed around that.

You want to experiment, you want to branch out, you want to do something different? Write for a different show! Write a script for your own movie or whatever don’t bring it into my shows and fuck everything up making it unwatchable!

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