Life Update – July 13th, 2022

Well, my dating life fell apart. Either dude just got bored or he was always an asshole. I have no clue. After a lot of weird dramatic supposed situations he just stopped talking to me. When I messaged over a week after his last communication that I was deleting his information he just gave me an okay. For a guy that harped hardcore on communication it was certainly hypocritical for him to just ghost me like he did. That is all I will say about that. I am continuing to look for a life partner. I don’t need someone in my life. I just want someone to share the journey I am already on with.

Other than my love life being shit things have been okay. My sister from another mister is going through some hardcore shit. I have confidence in her making it through this trial, but, it is going to test her resolve something awful. She and I had a text conversation that I think helped her a little bit. I also am sending her a gift that I think will help give her a reminder every time she sees it that she can do this.

My workouts are going well. I do them every other day because I do a list of songs on the Hard difficulty now. Adding up the run time for the songs in the list I come out a little over thirty minutes. By the time I get to the end of it all my shoulders will have gone from that good burning pain that lets you know that you are hitting the threshold and getting a good workout to numb which means I went passed that line. My arms start to get hard to control once I get to that point. Some of the songs I do are Rollin’, Don’t Cha, Party Rock Anthem, Alone, Crab Rave, Ghosts n’ Stuff, Angel Voices, etc. When I go from song to song there is less than a minute in-between. When I take the VR headset off I’m dripping sweat down my face, down my legs and my body is just ready to rest. I run the risk most days of dropping off into a nap once I am able to sit down and my feet stop doing pins and needles at me. My workouts aren’t without problems for me. I haven’t talked about it but I have bodily health issues more than just my weight. I’m asthmatic. I am heat sensitive. I have arthritis and/or tendonitis in my feet/ankles. I have a bad back from an old injury in my early twenties. The most recently I dislocated my left shoulder while I was sleeping and it took a month for it to pop back in on it’s own since my PCP didn’t want to touch it. While all that was going on I ended up spraining my right shoulder. Those are both still recovering. Most recently I messed up my left knee somehow. It’s healing slowly but steady and at least I can walk on it without pain most of the time now compared to a month ago. I ignore all this in order to do my workouts because I am a stubborn bastard and want to build muscles, lose fat, and be healthier. I’m saving up right now to buy the components for a resistance strength building setup with a bar, carabiners, bands, etc.

Anyway, other than that I have been reading fan fiction and the next book in the Jack Reacher series “Die Trying”. I might change it up and start the series over reading in chronological order instead of published order. It’s what I have decided to do with the Ender’s Game series which I also just started re-reading. I signed up for the libraries summer reading program and already earned a free book from their next sale. My next goal is to try and earn the summer reading medal. I came into the program a couple of months behind (it started at the end of May) so I might not make it but I am going to at least try since I have until August thirty-first.

I played through the Guardians of the Galaxy video game. It’s a decent game but I didn’t really like the game play loop. I was compelled to finish it because of the story line. I borrowed it from my local library. My next game borrow is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. After the disappointment for me that was Borderlands 3 I stayed away from spending cash on the next title in the franchise. I’m hoping it is more like Borderlands 2 then 3. We will see later on tonight or this weekend.

Between all the reading and game playing I’ve been running errands, going to medical appointments, working out, and I started to watch Supernatural from the beginning so that I can catch up with the last three seasons of the show since I missed the entirely.

I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.” – Plato


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