Fallout 76 – August 7th, 2020

So, I spent a few hours on Fallout 76 today getting the S.C.O.R.E. challenges completed. It took forever to level up from 85 to 86. It is taking longer and longer to get there. I’ll have to start going over to my other character to do the leveling one soon.

I am looking forward to the One Wasteland update. This will make it easier to level up, it will make loot more awesome, and I hope that it will make players happier.

The last update had a lot of players supposedly quit because of nerfing and other issues. People are being big babies about the Fortifying Atlas event, even to the point of nuking the area to make it tougher for people to donate the materials. There is so much entitlement when it comes to prizes and such in the game that it would make a parent scream if this was a kid in a grocery store type scenario instead of players and game developers.

My game play today was smooth. I didn’t have as much pop in issues, I had a slight invisible enemy thing happen but I could kill them since I could see the guns just not the bodies of them, and load times were much better. This leads me to believe even more that the issues that I have normally since the update before this one were a combination of how many players were on the server, the servers themselves, and glitches/bugs that were happening in the background causing performance issues.

I think that Bethesda wasn’t sure if this title would bring in enough revenue to justify the start up and now they are kicking themselves in the ass for not getting better servers, a new engine, etc. before even launching it. If this plays out like ESO did then three years from now everything will be mostly smoothed out and the game will be awesome. Until then the players will suffer and only the ones that truly love and are dedicated to the game will keep playing through the growing pains.

Anyway, time for me to go and take a break. Tomorrow’s post is going to be all about a series of stories that I read over and over again since I found them a couple of years ago. If you like True Blood and Sookie/Eric as a pairing then keep an eye out in your inbox for the new post to go live!

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