So Awesome – Turkey Gravy and Rice

So, growing up my mom used to make this really awesome homemade gravy using hamburger meat. Then she would put it on instant potatoes and that was what we would eat for dinner. My mom was a full time florist so she usually would cook something quick and easy when she got home to feed us. I didn’t start really learning how to cook, my mom did try to teach me, until I moved out to take care of my grandparents. Last night before bed I was inspired to ask her to teach me the recipe except using ground turkey meat and white rice. A healthier alternative than the old way she used to do it.

Tonight she told me the recipe which is basically brown the meat, put a little (I did 1/4 cup) of flour, stir, add a little milk, stir, and then add water until it is as thick as you want it to be as well as spices like pepper, and seasoning salt all while stirring. When I was browning the meat I added about a tablespoon of canola oil since turkey doesn’t have a lot of fat. I then used a rice cooker to do the rice so that isn’t a huge deal. No more burnt rice for me since we got the thing. LOL

The meal turned out really well. In my opinion it tastes just as good as the stuff my mom made when I was growing up. I would add veggies to the mix but usually it is already a pretty big meal so I will just have them later or some apple sauce as dessert.

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