Bethesda Petition

Okay, I started the Bethesda petition on Click Here if you want to go and sign/share it. So far I am the only one that has signed it. Then again I haven’t paid for a wider viewership and I didn’t put a picture on it which are things the website keeps telling me would help spread the word more. Since this is a bust so far, I am going to keep it up until the site closes it down, I am going to write a letter to send to the company. I wish I knew more about business economics so that I could do charts and graphs, etc. But, since all I have is common sense and what I can see on the internet when it comes to what is working to gain goodwill and interest from players I will just have to use that instead to help me when writing the letter. I hope they will actually read it and pass it up because the idea is a good one that would do wonders long term to show that they care about the player base that supports them. In the growing competition field that the gaming industry is producing any angle that can give your company the edge when it comes to growing your player base, hype trains, and such should be given consideration no matter where the idea comes from. Bethesda, up until recently, was in a bubble with very little competition so they were able to get away with a lot of things that are now turning back to bite them in the ass. They also decided to grow the company a lot in a short amount of time while throwing huge projects at the new people that had never worked on their projects before and had to adapt to the new company culture/structure. This made the issues the company already had even more noticeable.

I know it is easy to point out issues from the outside, but, sometimes that perspective is needed. It is why consultants exist and also why listening to the player base that isn’t the hardcore fans is important. Though that is sometimes hard to balance since some of those people are the same ones that never played the game they are complaining about.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good Labor Day if you live here in the states and have a great rest of the week!

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