Independence Day – July 2020

I don’t know how I did it as a kid. I’ve been asthmatic my whole life, but, it seems to get worse the older I get. The loud noises are something that I can tune out but my breathing is severely affected by all the sulfur, smoke, and other crap in the air for days before and after the 4th of July. I even get sinusitis now until all the crap completely clears. Other asthma sufferers know what I am talking about when it comes to these complaints. I stepped out of the house for less than a minute to let the dog out. Now, my lungs are itching, and my throat is irritated just from the crap in the air. My mom and I will have to suffer in a house that will get warm over night because I can’t breathe if we open the house up until tomorrow night. That is only if the assholes stop setting fireworks off as much as they are doing tonight. If you have so many fireworks that you need DAYS to set them all off then you bought TOO MUCH!

It seems to get worse every year. I live in a valley so all the crap stays in the air longer than in other places where it isn’t in a earthen bowl. This year there have been people setting off fireworks for three weeks before today and I can only hope that they will stop by Monday so that the shit can clean out of the air. If they don’t and it can’t then I am going to have a fucked up week since Gavin ‘I’m a corrupt tyrant’ Newsome has made it mandatory to wear masks whenever you leave your house/car. I already have O2 drops normally just wearing the mask… so much so that my doctor has me pull it down while I am in his office so that I normalize while they take my vitals. Add that to all this? Yeah, my week is not looking up if people don’t respect the law. We already had a fire in town that was at 5 acres and under control last I checked. It was a grass fire. I had to go out two hours ago before everything really got bad out there air quality wise to wet down the yard, wooden fence, etc. so that we have some protection from bottle rockets and other illegal fireworks that people in our neighborhood like to use.

It might be a “Karen” opinion but if I were the local authorities I wouldn’t have allowed firework sales at all during the stay at home/lock down and then I would have had the cops fining anyone that set any off. Not only are we not supposed to be in groups during all this, not that I believe in the social distancing and stuff at this point, but the area has been under multiple RED FLAG WARNINGS… That means that our area is super dry due to the summer and low rainfall. This means that we are more likely to get wildfires and crap! Yet, there they were allowing the sale of legal fireworks and not seemingly cracking down on the illegal stuff either!

Time for me to ignore the booms and play a video game so I can try to relax.

Indepence Day used to be about celebrating this country and remembering the history of our great nation. Now it has been reduced to setting shit on fire just because we can. *facepalm*

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